Video Review: Jon Bellion “All Time Low”

A fan races up the concrete steps of the venue. Another fans shows their ticket to the camera. A female fans waves her fingers to the camera. Others show off their V.I.P. passes and t-shirts.

Backstage, Jon Bellion prepares and waits for his cue.

At the keyboard, he sits with his headphones and microphones, perfecting the notes. He takes a huge breath and then sits with the microphone between his legs.

On stage, he kicks the air. He dances. He claps his hands over his head, trying to get the crowd energized. In slow motion, his body moves in robotic centimeters and then as he is puts the microphone closer to his mouth.

The ropes and drum equipment are shown. Fans wave “Jon Bellion” signs. A female fan cries. He jumps in the air in semi slow motion. Someone wears a jacket with “Beautiful Mind” written across the back.

He opens his water bottle and sprays it into the crowd. He pumps his arms to the music. Bodyguards, in slow motion, keep the crowd under control. He gives the peace sign and the fans cheer.

Rating: 1/5

None of it seems organic. Jon Bellion seems pre-programmed to be perform certain movements. The slow motion is a good idea in theory but in execution, it takes the spontaneity out of watching the show. Each time he is paused, it’s a reminder that it’s not actually real. It eliminates a way to gauge  what type of performer he is. With it being a concert video, some of the live conceit should exist.

However, the fans’ excitement is drawn out and exaggerated to a ridiculous campy level. Their mouths seem to stay open for an entire minute as they cheer on their idol. The stadium is packed with millions of fans. For Bellion, it’s wish fulfillment. He’s still starting out and it’s not believable that he would have such a set up his first time out.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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