Video Review: Orianthi & Lacey “Courage”

Inside a recreational vehicle (RV), Orianthi sleeps in bed, her hand on her guitar. The first glimmer of sunrise peeks through the blinds. Spots of rain from last night remain on the window.

Lacey, sitting in the driver’s seat, wakes up. Orianthi picks up her guitar and begins to play. Lacey, with her feet up on the dining table, taps her left foot to the music as Orianthi sings.

Later that day, Lacey drives them out of the overgrown field and back on the road. Orianthi looks at the tree they left. She takes photos of their time together.

Next, grainy footage is shown of a sullen young woman standing against a mahogany wall and a little boy wearing a blanket as a cape. Against a brick wall, a female boxer wears her gloves.

Back in the RV, Lacey sings along. While Lacey drives, Orianthi strums her guitar. Her Beats by Dre headphones resting on the map. Orianthi looks through the blinds. Lacey laughs at she turns the wheel. Orianthi tells a story.

In the grainy footage, a little girl holds a shield and a sword.

Orianthi sits out by the tree.

An older man graduates from college.

In the RV, Orianthi looks over the map. Lacey points to where they might be.

Lacey joins Orianthi outside and sits across from her, holding the camera.

A young woman puts on her prosthetic leg and jogs on the sidewalk. A little girl examines her bruised elbow. An older woman waitresses at a restaurant.

Orianthi walks further into the field and plays her guitar in the fading sunlight.

The sullen young woman chops off her braid with a pair of scissors.

In the bedroom, Orianthi plays on her own.

A young man in a wheelchair sits outside his home. A single mother buys her first home.

While singing, Lacey starts to giggle. Oranthi leans against the wall.

Rating: 4/5

Lacey (then lead singer of the band Flyleaf) is put in the position as mentor for Orianthi. During a creative road trip to hammer out songs and provoke thought, Lacey drives Orianthi through the back roads of everyday cities.

For a week or two, Orianthi stops living like a pop star and as a regular person. She talks with an experienced peer who can guide her. She softens around Lacey and drops the arrogance. Orianthi may be talented but she hasn’t reached the success Lacey has had with Flyleaf.

In the footage shown, each person does something they were told they couldn’t do: walk again, live normally, learn new things and graduate, buy a house on a limited income. People had discounted them and wrote them off. But they were proven wrong.

Orianthi, in her own way, wants to do the same. She doesn’t want to be let go from the record company. She wants to fulfill her promise. For the first time, she leaves the image of the hardened, cool for school rocker image behind and admits she needs help. Her demeanor has changed from confident rocker knowing she has talent to a subdued, docile young woman realizing the video is a last-ditch effort to get her career going again.

Director: N/A Year: 2010

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