Video Review: Tinie Tempah & Wizkid “Mamacita”

In a bar, filmed in the Dominican Republic, Tinie Tempah rests his head on his arms, his drink empty beside him. The female bartender pours him another drink. He watches a woman on the dance floor.

An entire city of the Dominican Republic is shown.

A sports car drives down a street. A camera from above takes the picture, which is filmed in black and white.

As WizKid and Tempah rap on the roof, two gentleman with handkerchiefs around their mouths walk, carrying a package in their hand.

Money gets put in a black duffel bag, which the bartender carries over her shoulder.

Tempah walks through the alley, with its graffitied walls on houses and crumbling walls. Two kids play basketball.

A young woman files her nails. When the bartender sees the Tempah stop the car, she calls for the young woman. The young woman throws down the duffel bag. The bartender smiles while her photo is being taken. The bartender also puts her duffel bag in the car. Her photo also gets taken as well as their car.

A man walks the balcony of the house. His photo is taken.

Another duffel bag is given to them. A photo is taken as well as another young woman’s who sheds her cover-up and swims in the pool. Another woman, in black lace bra and panties, stretches out on the pool table.

Tempah and Wizkid party with some women at a mansion as yet another woman emerges from the pool.

At the bar, a mariachi band performs as the woman continues to dance. The bartender lets Tempah know the bar will be closing soon. He watches her leave and rests his chin on his arms.

Rating: 2/5

The video offers two point of views of the Dominican Republic: the luxurious, well-off neighborhoods and further into the city, where the houses are close to each other, with people sitting on lawn chairs. It gives a general idea of what the country is like. The well-off section is only part of it. Tempah walks through it as a local would.

After drinking so much, he thinks of himself in an international revival episode of The Wire. Police take surveillance of the major players in town. Money exchanges hands. Tempah receives the deliveries from the bartender and other women. However, there is no follow-up on the pictures. It hints that it’s going somewhere but then it ends at the bar again. Unfortunately, most of the time is spent on it but no payoff. It makes the subplot unnecessary. The time could’ve been used to explore more of the Dominican Republic, maybe visit a landmark or two.

Director: Craig Moore Year: 2016

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