Video Review: Nathan Sykes “Famous”

A vintage gas pump’s numbers are half moving up. At Mel’s Automotive Repair, Nathan Sykes works underneath a car, his tools around him. After picking up a tool, he hears footsteps. He looks towards the parking lot. There, stands his ex-girlfriend, holding a suitcase and shaking. He’s surprised and moves towards her slowly, trying to make sure the moment is real. She sets her suitcase down and smiles.  They hug and Sykes closes his eyes in content. His dream has become true.

The director yells cut and the two seperate. The director claps. He pats Sykes on the chest and then hugs the young woman. As they talk, Sykes puts his jacket over his shoulder and walks away. He looks back, watching them with their arms around each other.

In front of the lights, lit a golden yellow and the some fans, Sykes sings.

A crew member moves a camera while Sykes opens the door to his trailer. Later, he sits outside, resting his feet on another chair. He spots her walking into to her trailer as he reads a magazine. She waves to him. He closes his magazine and is almost at her trailer when the director walks inside, checking to see if anyone else is watching. Sykes’ face falls.

He goes back inside his trailer, his gaze never leaving her door.

Not long after, the director walks out her trailer, fixing his straps. Next, she walks out and nearly trips on the steps.

A crew member uses a marker to indicate the filming of a new scene. The young woman and Sykes sit in a diner, talking. He implores her as to what is stopping her from having a relationship with him. It’s something she doesn’t want to hear. She leaves.

During a break from filming, they talk and read their lines together. She puts his hand on his arm. She smiles as she watches him in his scenes. The director believes something is going on between them. Noticing her euphoric reaction to him, the director yells “cut!”

At the end of the day, the two talk. The director pulls up in his car and calls out “let’s go!” to her. She gives him an apologetic look and gets into the car, still looking at Sykes. The director smirks at him. He watches them turn the corner.

Rating: 5/5

Casting couch stories are the taboo of Hollywood. Everyone knows it happens but not many acknowledge it. When the celebrities do say something, it’s not widely reported by the main entertainment television shows or magazines.

Nathan Sykes confirms, with the video, what he has seen: a director using his power to further a young woman’s career if she has sex with him. He disagrees with it and thinks

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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