Video Review: Ke$ha “Die Young”

As a vintage car rides through a dirt road, an upside down triangle splits the screen. A triangle in the corner shows her face in black-and-white. An image of a skull appears on the screen and then disappears. Ke$ha’s cherry red lips are shown as she sings the lyrics.

Marked on the side of the car is the word evil. A pack of men open the trunk and hold their leader, Ke$ha up in the air, leading her to the barn. A see-through black sheet is over her head. A pentagram and other triangles are seen. In black-and-white, she sings with some red lines forming around her. They take the sheet off over her head.

She kicks open the door with leaves shreds of triangular crystals to hit the screen. She and her followers smash chairs and whatever is in the barn.

In the middle of a neon white triangle, she touches the tops of her eyes.

In the barn, she sits in the chair as the men rub her body. A neon-lit pentagram is in the center of the barn. A crow flies in the air.

In the dining room, the group plays a card game. Two wolves fight as two women, with blood over their lips, roll their heads around her. Everyone then begins to touch each other.

She sits on an ivory mattress in a white lacy bra and panties, touching her thigh and rolling over on her back.

A full moon dashes across the sky. The police surround the barn, their guns firing into the door. She walks to the door.

In her individual shot, she makes the gesture of her cutting her neck. A neon pink line forms underneath her chin.

She opens the door and puts her hands up in the air.

Rating: 1/5

The internet conspiracy theory of the Illuminati gets legitimized by the video, giving credence that the media gets the news from the government and it’s the celebrities who perpetuate  it. Unintentionally, she feeds into it even though she believes she’s mocking it.

The allusions to the occult and Satanism has an ominous and bone-chilling effect. The fighting wolves seems like a sacrifice as though it’s a sport within the group. In the dark web of the Internet, these people communicate, gather together and try to recruit others to their side.

It invites the crazy to the table, serves it smoked salmon mousse on cucumber and its best aged bottle of Pinot Noir with some banana ice cream to cleanse its palate. Then gives it a lap dance, promising to keep its secrets.

Director: Darren Craig Year: 2012

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