Video Review: Tove Lo “True Disaster”

Loma stands on top of a car, with a container full of gasoline, shaking it from each side to cover every inch. Tove Lo, her head on the steering wheel, regains consciousness again and looks around her. Frightened, she gets out of the car and meets Loma’s gaze who follows her step by step as they walk across the street.

Loma stops at the second car. Lo starts punching the air and flapping her arms while her car is on fire. She jogs back to the sidewalk and shakes a wire gate. She stands underneath Mariscos’ neon sign and screams.

She runs back out into the street again, holding onto her neck with both hands, out of breath. She slaps her face with her hands. She returns back to car and sees Loma standing in front of it.

As she watches the flame torch her car, she screams “no,” realizing it could’ve been her in there and she is supposed to be dead.

She runs, pumping her arms and gritting her teeth on the other side of the street. Out of breath, she stops again, bending over and then glances over to see if Loma is still there. Relief crosses her face.

However, when she turns again, Loma is standing next to the car in front of her, it’s driver’s side burning. Loma stretches out her arms as they are engulfed in flames. She turns back around, kneeling on the road.

Rating: 4/5

After the unproductive “Cool Girl,” a story begins to take shape. However, it does explain some gaps in the previous video. For one, Tove Lo is indeed dead at the beginning of “Cool Girl,” most likely by Loma. But no reason is given as to why. Her death may have eventually taken place at the motel.

However, on the street, the realization occurs to her that her time is short. She has to save herself. By the Mexican restaurant, she seems to have had an epiphany. She begins caring about her life. While she would’ve taken rode hard and put away wet a compliment a year ago, she now wishes to find another path.

Years of trying to drink and drug herself into an oblivion was a temporary wish with some hope for a better morning. Now, as she runs, with her sweat running down her face and legs throbbing with pain, a real death is close behind her.

Tove Lo, who once reveled in her self-destruction, now examines it from outside of herself as she finds reasons to keep her life going.

Director: Tim Erem Year: 2016

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