Video Review: India.Arie “Ready For Love”

As India.Arie plays her guitar, the camera focuses on her glossy lips.

On stage, she performs in a small venue. A guitarist plays while a woman listens. The cellist watches his fingers, certain he is creating the right notes.

With candles providing the brief glimmer of light, the audience sits on couch and some chairs spread around the cafe. A man touches his girlfriend’s head as she leans into him. Another woman nods her head to the music. A man plays with his girlfriend’s hair.

In the back row, the lyrics resonate in a young woman, who has shut out women before. He drops his gaze, the words bringing up memories he had blocked out.

The audience claps for her, giving her a standing ovation. She raises both arms in the air and throws her head back. She laughs, grateful for the audience.

Rating: 4/5

For India.Arie, it’s about the music and the emotion it brings. She can sing the song a hundred times, feeling the inspiration that struck her to put it down. The memory stays in her mind, as she thinks of the man who couldn’t love her, the hurt and powerlessness reliving the struggle to receive love.

The audience members listen, some alone. The ones who are alone seem to think of their guilt for leaving someone behind or wanting to be loved. For the coupled up fans, they become affectionate with their significant others, letting them know they are loved.

Music evokes reactions, whether visceral or internal, and both are represented in the video. While the person who writes may speak about the song in the interview, seeing the person’s face as they perform a few feet away, is as a personal as a conversation.

Director: Sanaa Hamri  Year: 2002

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