Video Review: Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello “Bad Things”

In the middle of their apartment, Camila Cabello sits in a chair, wearing a pink fur. At a police station, they stand in different corners.

During a bonfire, he adds things into the fire and she looks at him, wondering what’s wrong. Their floor filled with blankets, they lie down beside each other. The kid versions of them are seen.

Kelly raps on the steps, which leads to the kitchen. Together, with some, friends, he grabs a duffel bag. A friend throws some pillows on the mattress. Cabello starts to make dinner. He pours himself a beer. She breaks the eggs into the frying pan.

Back at the police station, they argue. In an abandoned office building, with their friends, they ride on carts and chairs. They hug in the middle of the floor.

At their party, a friend knocks another friend’s drink out of their hands. As the friend drinks the energy drink, the other friend yells “chug!”

While eating at a diner, Cabello sprays some ketchup and Kelly laughs, tossing his hamburger on the plate. He checks to see if anyone is watching and then they run.

She asks him a question, as she holds the frying pan and he leaves. Sitting next to her friends, she tells him that he hasn’t been talkative lately. Her friends put a tiara on her head.

In the bedroom, lined with newspapers, she reads on the floor while he sits next to her. A friend arrives at the bonfire, who Cabello has only met a couple of times. He gets inside the car and begins doing donuts in the parking lot. She cheers for him. The kid versions of them stay close to each other. They hold hands as they walk through the city with their friends.

She rests her arms on the table, where she rests her chin. Something is up. It’s nagging at her. A guy strikes Kelly’s shoulder and begins shouting. He shoves Kelly. They argue some more and then Kelly takes Cabello’s hand, leading her to the car.

Back at the office building, she puts duct tape over his mouth.

At a gas station, Kelly jimmies open a car door and they steal a car. When he tries to start the car up again, he sees the lights from the police car. Both Kelly and Cabello run out of the car, through the apartment stairs and up to the roof. They police are as far as they steps when Kelly climbs the ledge and reaches for Cabello’s hand.

Breathing hard, they glimpse at the pavement below. With tears in her eyes, she smiles at him, scared. He gives her a wistfull smile. The police storm the roof. All their memories are seen for one final time.

Rating: 5/5

Machine Gun Kelly and Camilla Cabello are an everyday couple. They live in an apartment, which has the bare minimum of things they need to survive. Some of it is from garage sales, other belongings given to them by friends and family. Neither of them make much. She likely works at a store while he does construction, while selling marijuana on the side.

They don’t really go out much. They have parties at their home but find places like an abandoned office building and hang out there. Dining and ditching is less adventurous rather than a way to save money. Despite being best friends, Cabello has an inkling her boyfriend is involved in something far more criminal than a drug deal gone wrong.

When he steals a car, she goes along with him. She can’t leave him. Whatever criminal activities he does, he has a reason for it. He’s trying to provide for them. Then, he decides they have to jump to escape the police. She doesn’t want to die and neither does he. But there isn’t much choice.

Love is a means for survival. They barely scrape by. Together, they at least have a chance. However, if one half is gone, the other will pass from either a drug overdose or lack of nutrition. For them, jumping is a reasonable solution, given their choices if they land in jail.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2016

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