Video Review: Beyoncé “All Night”

In black-and-white, a door opens with the title card reading “Redemption” over it. Children run out the door as Beyoncé says “one pint of water, one pound of sugar” as she outlines the recipe for lemonade.

In a backyard, the women of the family gather and have a dinner. Beyoncé sits on the porch reading “Grandma, the alchemist. You spun gold out of this hard life…” A daughter fixes her mother’s hair. The same mother fixes her mother’s hair while the daughter plays with a stuffed animal by the dining table.

In color, a spotlight on the wooden floor says “Hattie’s 90th.” At the podium, Hattie reads that she had “her ups and downs” but she was able reach within herself to continue on.

Back in black-and-white, Beyoncé says “my grandma said nothing real can be threatened” while she stands by a tree. In the water, people play tug-of-war.

Back in color, a woman carries a crate of vegetables from the garden as over Beyoncé’s narration of “we are going to heal. We are going to start again.” A couple stands together in the forest. She sits on the porch with the woman’s family.

In a field, Beyoncé sings and looks at the land before her. Home video footage shows little kids playing on the torch. Then, Beyonce and Jay Z get IV tattooed on their ring fingers. A couple hugs by the register at a convenience store. Beyonce and Jay Z put their sunglasses on at the same time. Outside their house, a couple poses with their daughter.

Beyoncé walks across the bridge, overgrown with grass and weeds. A man and a woman carry a box to their apartment. At their wedding reception, Beyoncé feeds Jay Z some cake. Beyoncé shows off her pregnant belly. Jay Z takes some cake from Blue Ivy’s hand as she feeds him. Blue Ivy and Jay Z throw a football inside a stadium. Beyoncé , Jay Z and Blue Ivy play in the backyard.

Rating: 5/5

Just like the other couples and families featured in the video, Beyoncé and Jay Z have endured their struggles. Since they are celebrities, whatever gossip is swirling around them becomes news. However, they celebrate one another’s birthdays with a dinner or party. They take videos of each other having fun and experience milestones, like a wedding. At the end of the day, they are human.

Seeing Jay Z as the tender dad enjoying playing football with his daughter on a weekend afternoon is gut-wrenching as the previous footage shows Hattie saying she had to go through a lot in her life. Beyoncé could fall into the category, too. She had to decide if she wanted to stay with her husband. After seeing Jay Z spending time with his daughter, it’s clear as to why she didn’t want to break up her family. Blue Ivy would miss her daddy and ask questions. One day, she will explain Lemonade to her daughter, with her own speech, advising Blue Ivy as she asks what to do about a cheating boyfriend.

Director:  N/A   Year: 2016


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