Video Review: Anne-Marie “Alarm”

Like the original 1996 Romeo + Juliet film, directed by Baz Luhrmann, a spacious shot of Mexico City opens the video. The characters are introduced by credits, with Anne-Marie, Romeo and Sirena, who has the subtitle of Romeo’s Conquest.

Underneath sunburn red light, Anne-Marie pouts her lips. On a payphone, Romeo makes a call. She and her friends hang out.

She opens the door to the church. Lit in an electric blue with candles at the end, she walks down to the altar. In their bed, which is also has a border with lit candles, she rolls over. He touches her leg.

On the street, Sirena talks with some mutual friends. Anne-Marie hugs a friend. She sees her boyfriend and sits on his lap. He kisses her neck. As Sirena dances, she puts her hand over his eyes.

Back in bed, he sits up and he leans forward, letting his forehead touch her head.

They walk along the city with their friends. She dances in the church. In bed, he touches her face and kisses her. At a bonfire, Sirena puts her arm around Anne-Marie’s shoulder.

At the bar, she sits on the stool. He stands next to another woman and touches her skirt. She notices him flirting and is flabbergasted by his behavior. He apologizes but she puts her hand up, shaking her head. The bartender gives her a sympathetic look. Anne-Marie says she has to go. Sirena shoves him away.

In the night, ivory sparks go off as she sings.

In the daytime, he follows her down the street. She tells him to leave her alone. She gets in the car and he joins her inside. She kicks him out of the car and flips him off as she drives away. He makes the crazy motion by his head with his hands. She laughs.

Rating: 0/5

There is no effort made to try to correlate the story with the 1996 film. Some people get name changes (like Romeo) while Anne-Marie stays the same. Sirena (Romeo’s Conquest) is the new addition. However, the story isn’t built upon nor is any modern commentary being done. The settings are the only things that remain from the movie.

It’s a direct to DVD sequel with unknown actors and lower production values. It’s content repurposed as a film to make some money off a failed TV project. Romeo is disrespectful and cold, only interested in sex. Anne-Marie pretends to be strong but she’s detached from the relationship, making his kissing her feel like a violation. Sirena is the opportunity to slut shame and besides, Anne-Marie has to have somebody to blame before she can admit she has to leave her boyfriend.

Director: Malia James Year: 2016

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