Video Review: Kiesza “Hideaway”

Kiesza leaves a cab and walks onto a dirt sidewalk. There, a man follows behind her. As she begins to dance, he lifts and twirls her in the air. By some street art, some people form a line behind her and they sway back and forth, rotating their motions with each person.

A couple of feet over, she quacks her arms like a chicken with two new people and then touches the wall. She pumps her arm from right to left in the street with a couple of people. They disappear and a guy skateboards past her.She walks back onto the sidewalk and leans on the wall. A guy walks underneath her arm and they perform a routine. She high-fives a woman who joins her.

She kicks the air and kneels on the ground, pausing. After taking a breather, she gets up and continue the routine. She runs past some cars. A guy touches her chin and she meets him at the wall, putting her hand on his cheek. They roll from side to side. She lifts her leg up and he grabs her thigh. She kisses him.

On the next block, some of the previous dancers join her in the routine again. She runs out into the street, hailing a cab. She opens the door and gets inside in the cab.

Rating: 5/5

It’s an outdoor co-ed slumber party! *90s theme attire required as part of the dress code. Kiesza is in the street, dancing to the beat. It’s mainly moves she has learned from watching her sister’s old dance recital videos from the 90s. People join her and she meets some new friends. She even sees her boyfriend and nearly makes out with him. But then she decides against it and dances some more.

Whereas most dance videos are meant to visualize a story and provide narration with the dancer’s movements, Kiesza is there to have fun and relive her favorite decade.  The tongue-in-cheek choreography is straightforward and remains uncomplicated. It’s something people can learn in their bedrooms and maybe begin a passion for dance. Along the way, there is some beautiful street art to enjoy. It’s a whimsical introduction to the various forms of art without any pretense.

Director: N/A Year: 2014

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