Video Review: Mýa “Fallen”

The skyline of New York City can be seen. Mýa walks down her apartment stairs, rushing past the people talking as she puts on her earrings. She checks the time on her watch as once enters the lobby area. While putting on her jacket, she says hello to a neighbor.

Once she’s outside, she checks her watch again. She runs across the street and then stands against a wall, watching her crush (Hassan Johnson) pay for a book at the bookstore. From across the street, she sees him talk on his cellphone. She stops by a pole to watch him at the newsstand. She runs over and begins looking over the newspapers. She smiles as she sees him lick his lip as he flips the page. When he leaves, she tosses the newspaper aside and follows him again.

She takes off her jacket and hides by another street pole for cover. She sees him get into his car. She heads towards the subway, jumps the turnstiles and catches the train. At her stop, she races up the stairs and back to the apartment building.

He lifts the elevator door and presses a button. He sees a couple making out. In the elevator, she caresses his back. As he exits, she watches him until she can’t see him.

In her apartment, she peers through the blinds and watches him take off his shirt. She steps inside his home. He looks up. She turns on the water for a bath and puts on his watch. She sprays some of his cologne on her stomach. She undresses and sinks into the bathtub.

There, she imagines herself swimming in the ocean with him. He would reach for her hand and hold her close. She would have long, flowing mermaid hair.

After chewing some chips, he decides to go upstairs to investigate. He’s surprised to see his bathroom a small mess with the words “fallen” and a heart written in the mirror. He picks up Mýa’s jeans and then grins. In a bathrobe, she takes in his reaction. He wipes the mirror clean with his hand, erasing her message.

She walks the city again.

Rating: 2/5

Starting out as a walk through a city,  Mýa tracks down her crush and watches him as he shops at a bookstore and then get his daily paper. However, she doesn’t speak to him at all. She glances his way every so often.

However, after the subway, she is no longer the curious stranger trying to gather her courage up. She is someone without any boundaries. She touches him in the elevator and then sneaks into his home. She writes on his bathroom mirror, hoping that it will jog his memory. He grins but he may be thinking it’s a woman who actually knows him. He could be thinking of his ex-girlfriend.

A simple nod of communication or a smile between them would’ve helped. As it stands, Mýa is some weird next door neighbor with a fixation on a man who may not be interested. When she is fantastizing in the bathtub, it’s as though she’s trying to make it real. It provides some proof that it’s all in her head and perhaps something is off with her. For her, the grin is encrouagement. The man may be making phone calls to the police in the future.

Director: Darren Grant  Year: 2003


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