Video Review: Bastille “Good Grief”

With his hand resting on the telephone, Dan Smith makes a call from a payphone.

There are at least 11 scenes, which repeat again throughout with major differences. The  Each difference is added with number.

A cell phone vibrates, stating his name. The woman by the drum set hears it and then decides to play. 2) The robbers ransack the house. 3) Molly screams and the money flows again. 4) The naked woman plays the drums. 5) The giant teddy bear plays the drums.  6) The first woman plays the drums as a guy on fire runs through the house.  6) Molly screams, money flows, the guy jogs, the robbers and the young women from the roller rink dance.

She presses his phone number. It happens between every scene.

A guy runs in a field. 2) Another guy jogs alongside him. 3) Two of the girls skate with the guy. 4) A giant teddy bear with a devil’s grin runs on the field, holding a stuffed bear of its own. 5) Two guys jog in the field. One guy jogs backwards. 4) The guy jogs in the field with the teddy bear. He opens the back of the bear’s head and discovers money.

A teddy bear, with a devil’s smile, sits on top of a bed. 2) The television in the bedroom shows Molly winning. The bear lights on fire.

On a game show, Molly, presses the button and gives the right answer. Money flows from the ceiling. 2) A robber threatens the studio audience. 3) Molly presses the button and brings out a gun.

A car drives by itself. 2) The robbers drive in the car, pointing their guns. 3) Molly screams as the money falls from the sky. The giant bear drives. 3) The young women from the roller rink sit in the car. One jogs in front while another carries a gun. A robber points the gun at Molly. The naked woman gets up from the building as the guy jogs. 4) The robbers drive the car again while the guy jogs in front.

Smith’s head rests on a table.

A house burns. 2) A girl sits inside. The guy burning runs through the house. The jogger saves the naked girl.

At a roller rink, a group of young women pose together. 2) Molly screams as the girls spin.

After the snow-capped mountains, a camera passes a woman’s naked body. 2) Sand and trees form on the woman’s body. A man stands on her stomach.

Robbers burst into a bank, their guns pointed at every corner. One of the robbers pushes a man down on the ground. The others scatter. People toss their belongings. 2) The girls from the roller rink hold up the bank. A robber holds a teddy bear as if were a gun. 3) The robbers use the teddy bear as a weapon to knock a person down. The teddy bear holds up the bank. 4) The robbers hold up the bank. Molly screams and holds the teddy bear. The robber pulls away her teddy bear. The guy jogs and takes it away from him.

On a screen, Molly puts her hands to her mouth. Multiple versions of her are seen. The band enters an elevator. Then, the guy who was jogging followed by Molly, the giant teddy bear and the guy jogging again.

Rating: 0/5

Context and memory seem to the theme, in theory at least. But there are only a few scenes which repeat continuously while others are dropped faster than storylines on a television show after the showrunner gets reamed out by a network executive.

With each reset of the scene, the video becomes garbled, as a series of images are tossed into another unfamiliar scene. Soon, all the pieces are jumbled together, scrambled and torn unable to lock into place with the next step.

The video could be about a number of ideas: asking what-if?, leaving a comfort zone, context and memory, as mentioned. But with no concrete thread to go on and put forth, the video continues on its loop, pasting the images together.

Director: NYSU  Year: 2016

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