Video Review: G-Eazy, Chris Brown & Tory Lanez “Drifting”

Inside a hotel, G-Eazy sits on a chair, his finger on his temple, thinking of whether to dial the phone beside him. Two women are fast asleep in his bed. He picks up his drink and looks over at them, trying to think of their names. Airplanes fly above can be heard through the walls. He remembers how he and his ex-girlfriend, Nicki would lie in bed together, staring into one another’s eyes. He dials the phone and then hangs up after hearing her voicemail.

Downstairs, G-Eazy carries a briefcase. He sees the bellhops roll a rack to another part of the hotel.

Chris Brown, in a hoodie, walks up the steps to a gate.

Against a wooden wall, Tory Lanez raps.

G-Eazy walks up the concierge desk and gets his key. He sets the suitcase down on a chair.

Brown dances by the gate.  G-Eazy leans against a column.Then, he joins him by the gate.

G-Eazy sits back in the chair, thinking if he should call and stares at the phone. He reaches for his drink and then sets it down.

In bed, G-Eazy smiles and his ex-girlfriend strokes his hair.

He picks up the phone and dials.

On her nightstand, the phone rings and she hangs it up, returning to her new boyfriend as they lie in bed. Once alone, she lies back, staring at the ceiling.

The blonde girl in his bed wakes up and takes the phone out of his and rests is back in its cradle. A party continues in his hotel. Someone grabs a bottle of champagne as people talk. G-Eazy sits in the chair.

He takes the elevator downstairs, where Brown waits. Brown nods at him. Brown dances in the elevator.

A rose is strewn on the floor. G-Eazy runs his fingers through his hair. As the phone rings, he puts his finger on his forehead. Nicki is seen on the other end of the line. He puts his hand on the phone, his fingers grazing it but decides not to answer.  Nicki shakes her head and G-Eazy puts his finger on his forehead again.

Rating: 1/5

One scene is repeated and prolonged for five minutes. G-Eazy thinks and thinks. A party happens. A woman hits on him. He thinks and thinks again. His ex-girlfriend calls. He prefers to think. The culmination of which, is nothing. As the scene keeps repeating, it gives G-Eazy’s fear and reluctance its importance. However, G-Eazy is a coward in the end, not wanting to know.

Meanwhile, Tory Lanez is forgotten about, left waiting at the vending machines at the end of the hall, near some back stairs somewhere. The demoralization is evident on Lanez’s face. Chris Brown dances and stays far away from any women, which is an improvement for him. G-Eazy is prudent when around him, maintaining some distance. It is the most logical decision which occurs during the video.

Director: Daniel Czernilofsky  Year: 2016

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