Video Review: Lady Antebellum “Just A Kiss”

A young woman named Joy takes her seat on the bus. Hillary, a couple of seats behind her, watches as she sits down. Joy opens her backpack and gets out her tablet while Hillary smiles. Taped on the tablet is a yellow note saying “Appules Sur Lecture (loose translation: “Press play!”) A wide smile crosses her face.

She takes off the note and touches the play button. In the video, her boyfriend says he wanted to show her “this,” which is a sign reading “”Ne M’oubliez Pas (Don’t forget me)” He says it out loud.

At the train station, people carry their suitcases and continue to their cars. Hillary stands in the general area, Charles sits on a chair, with the equipment next to him and Dave hangs out in the corner by himself.

Joy and her boyfriend wave to the camera. She stands next to sign in Germany, displaying the restaurant’s menu. He buys her a single flower and then films her as she walks across the street, waving her arms back and forth. They take a photo together as they rest. He points out some architecture to her.

On the train, Charles sketches with his finger on the window. Dave, with his guitar next to him, stares outside.

She pops a huge bubble while walking. They laugh by the Eiffel Tower. At the train station, she puts her hands on his shoulders and hugs him. She walks away and he films a video.

A tear rolls down her cheek as she remembers the love she felt.

The video rewinds the memories. Hillary, Charles and Dave sit on the chairs in the train station.

During the stop, she looks out the window and then she hears someone. It’s her boyfriend. She smiles and they embrace. He strokes her hair and they kiss.

Jostling and an arm shake wakes up Joy. A young man ¬†apologizes for disturbing her. She tells him “it’s ok.” He asks if it’s all right if he sits next to her. Groggy, she replies “it’s fine.” He inquires if they have ever met. She says no and introduces herself. He shakes her hand and says his name is Brady. She explains that she was “sleeping and had this funny dream.” He takes out his tablet, replying “I guess we all have those.” He grins her. She puts her hand to her lips and grins, giddy and excited.

Rating: 5/5

Some sort of magic exists in the world. Fate, which can be dismissed as being passive and an excuse to be indecisive, becomes linked with hope in the video.

For Joy, her backpacking trip has been a series of mishaps. She forgot some basic things at home, which cut down on her spending. She got lost several times, which meant adjusting her schedule. It’s been lonely. She’s had some lovely conversations but no one to share the experience, other than her friends and family on Instagram. She wishes she could have the romantic day with a handsome man. They will start in France and then continue throughout Europe. They will part but find a way to each other again someday.

Brady becomes real and as he sits next to her, engages her in conversation which seems to flow. She thinks if she hadn’t gotten the last minute ticket on the train, she wouldn’t have met him. It seems to be the start of her adventure and an important moment, changing both of their futures.

Director: Shaun Silva Year: 2011

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