Video Review: Quarterflash “Harden My Heart”

A panicked Rindy Ross runs down a hallway, touching the wall to keep her balance. She enters a door, which emits a hot pink neon light. It takes her to man and some flamethrowers. As she walks down the steps of the gothic house, acrobats perform flips. She goes back inside.

She tries entering the next door but finds that it’s locked. She enters a door, with a citrus orange light. There, a kid version of her sits a vanity outside in the desert.

She runs down the hallway again, passing duplicate versions of herself standing against the wall. Next, she is out in the desert with three kid versions of herself as they sit on the vanity. The older one stands near it. She goes back inside.

She opens another door, which emits a sunshine yellow. Inside, motorcyclists drive around in a warehouse flooded with some water. She plays the saxophone with her band as the motorcyclists drive around in circles. Brian Willis hits the back of the helmets of the motorcyclists with his drum sticks. Ross sings on the back of one of the cyclists’ bikes and rides with him.

She returns to each scene. A bulldozer appears in the desert and a motorcyclist carries a flamethrower. From the trailer, she walks out of another door and into the sunlight.The motorcyclists pop wheelies as they go by. One stops and she jumps on the back of his bike. The bulldozer crushes the trailer and the cyclist takes his flamethrower to it.

Rating: 1/5

Rindy Ross wants to run from her life and start anew. The trailer holds the dream of her living an adventurous life with elegant parties inside a gothic mansion, which didn’t happen. When she sees the younger versions of herself, it’s as though she know she has disappointed them. She can’t bear to see the hope flickering in their eyes.

Next, she prefers to forget the dives and hard climb up to gain success as the band plays in the warehouse amidst motorcyclists who aren’t paying attention. She tries to be like them to get them to like her. Nonetheless, she bonds with the cyclists and they help her out. They set fire to the trailer of mangled dreams. She takes off, able to move on from her past.

While disillusionment is an apparent theme, fear is implied as Rindy keeps running. But it seems as though the trailer is a house of horrors, taking a scalpel to every moment of her life and making her view the diseased parts of her life. The fear strangles the video, giving into the pessimism and seeing struggle as a failure.

Director: N/A Year: 1981


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