Video Review: D.R.A.M. “Cash Machine”

D.R.A.M. walks onto the driveway, where a little boy is drawing. He bumps the little boy’s fist. He steps on the little boy’s chalk drawing of a piano, which annoys the kid.

He drives around the neighborhood with the little kid’s bike. With his machine, he sprays money into the air.

On a front lawn, four women pose for a picture while sitting on a blanket. They primp and fix their hair. Then, they dance on the lawn.

While spraying the neighborhood with money, his eyes get animated dollar signs.

A woman, presumed to be D.R.A.M.’s mother, holds some money in her hand and gives someone a hug.

He says hello to a baby and drops off a stack of money to the mother. Tiny animated hearts appear above her head. He passes by two little girl’s lemonade stand. They can’t believe he is there. He chugs down an entire container of lemonade. An animated sun glows. The little girls and their mother are appalled. He gets back on his bike and then sprays more money with his machine. The little girls grab for the bills.

At a pool party at his house, people dance in the backyard, red plastic cups in hand. On the front porch with his friends, he takes a picture. At the pool party, he sprays money into the pool.

On the front lawn, the women get sprayed with money. The little girls scream when the money on their lawn. Meanwhile, the little boy sees the money and wonders what is happening. A woman grabs the money in the pool.

He continues to ride around the neighborhood, spraying money.

Rating: 0/5

D.R.A.M. spraying a suburban neighborhood seems like a good deed. However, it’s meant as a way to show off and declare that he made it. He mentions that he’s able to take care of his family now. But he adds that he can have as many babies as he wants with women and support him with his overflowing bank account.

Nonetheless, the money brings out the worst in people. The little girls think they won the lottery. The young women sitting on the lawn believe they received on account of their looks. One young woman bends in particular and grabs an entire handful of money before any could reach it. It’s doubtful she would say “here, have some.” Only the little boy is unimpressed with what he sees and doesn’t try to grab for it.

It becomes an episode of “What Would You Do?” but without John Quinones reporting on what he saw and performing an armchair psychologist evaluation.

Director: N/A  Year: 2016

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