Video Review: Kygo & Maty Noyes “Stay”

The camera pans over the mountain and past the ocean. Two women sit near their water, their Jeep parked on the beach. The young woman with the long, blonde hair stares, her frustration on her face. Meanwhile, another young woman (with short hair) draws a heart on the fogged window of the truck.

They walk together on the water. The short-haired woman throws a pebble. As the sky turns azure blue, they walk away from one another. They rest by a tree. The short-haired puts her arm around the long-haired woman, who closes her eyes with content. The long-haired woman walks with a long stick on the beach.

Underneath the water, they hold hands and kiss. They let the raindrops fall on their tongues. The short-haired woman stands in the water.

At the casino, the short-haired woman dances by a row of slot machines. Money spits in her face and an older woman turns around, giving her a disgusted look.

As the long-haired woman drives along the beach, the short-haired woman sits on the roof of the car.

In the bathroom, the short-haired woman kisses the long-haired woman’s shoulder. Then, as she waits for her, the short-haired woman lights a candle.

They walk together into the casino. The short-haired woman grabs the long-haired woman’s butt.

Back in bed, the long-haired woman sits up, holding the blanket to her body while the short-haired woman leans forward, running her hands through her hair. The long-haired woman begins to shout at her girlfriend. The short-haired woman digs her nails into knees and then dances in the bedroom.

On the beach, the hold the blanket with one hand and talk.

Back at the casino, the short-haired woman watches as her girlfriend plays. The short-haired woman sits next to her as her girlfriend wonders why she isn’t hitting anything anymore. The short-haired woman gives her girlfriend a kiss and then walks away to get some more chips. She brings the chips back and pretends not to give them to her girlfriend. They begin to argue. The short-haired woman throws chips at her girlfriend.

In the bedroom, the short-woman puts on her hoodie and tells her girlfriend to back off. The short-haired woman leaves.

Outside, the short-haired woman rests her head on a horse’s nose. The horses gallop through the snow.

The couple kiss in the truck but then give each other quizzical looks. The long-haired woman screams in a field. The short-haired woman kayaks and then stands up, her arms stretched out.

The short-haired woman, wrapped in a blanket, sits by the fire. She breathes in the cold air. On the truck window, the crosses out the heart.

In the cold, she removes her fur coat, spreads out her arms and falls naked into the snow.

Underneath the azure sky, they touch their heads together.

Rating: 2/5

Out of the relationships featured in Kygo’s videos, the “Stay” couple is the most inscrutable and dysfunctional. The short-haired woman craves intimacy and affection. She wants to be closer to her girlfriend. However, her girlfriend keeps her at arm’s length.

A weekend trip to the beach and then Las Vegas was meant to salvage their relationship. However, the long-haired woman ignores her girlfriend in favor of the slot machine. She shoves her during a romantic moment underneath the stars. From the long-haired woman’s point of view, her girlfriend is needy and clingy.

Meanwhile, the short-haired woman feels trapped and wants to be free. She connects with a horse and dances alone in the forest. She sinks herself into the snow to shock herself into being a stronger person.

Unlike previous Kygo’s videos, there aren’t any nuances. It is clear they are mismatched. However, it’s taken to extremes, as the long-haired woman is frigid and disinterested. She’s only in Las Vegas for the buffet and prefers not to be bothered by the girlfriend. But the short-haired woman has a bohemian nature and doesn’t care what other people think of her. But the relationship is eating away at her self-worth. Watching the couple try to force a romantic weekend is agonizing. Seeing them argue releases the tension between them, which is a reprieve from the hesitant affection.

Director: Jason Beattie Year: 2016

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