Video Review: Rob Thomas “Her Diamonds”

Standing underneath crystallized icicles and between blocks of sturdy ice, Rob Thomas peers through a window of melting snow.

Sitting on a bed is a young woman, frozen, her body outfitted in ice. She stares out the window, a crown of icicles on her head, waiting for some relief. However, it’s a grey sky, devoid of any warmth. She will be in pain for a while longer.

Through the night and into early morning, she waits. About six a.m, the glistening glow of the sun comes through the window. The rays reach her body and slowly, her body begins to thaw.

On the nightstand, her phone rings. She hasn’t felt like talking to anybody. Voicemail #28 is added into the phone.

She picks up her arm but whimpers as she tries to move her feet. Shivering, she puts her folds her arms over body and then falls onto the floor. The stinging pain hits every single bone in her bone and she cries out. She lies in the fetal position, waiting for it to pass.

She gathers her strength and picks herself up from the floor.

Thomas is now in the warm sun.

She puts her hands on the windowsill and looks out. She turns away, as she hears the cracks and pops throughout her body. She takes a few steps back and basks in the sun. She closes her eyes and breathes as she heals.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman wants to be free of the pain. She doesn’t want to be sick any longer. The rawness in her joints with each movement, the loss of air within her lungs when it’s cold and lack of energy from being unable to concentrate on nothing but the pain has worn her down. She can only wait to get better. However, there are any small moments of relief.

The constricting ice is an excellent metaphor for illness. The cold air causes hypothermia, asthma attacks, arthritis in joints to hurt, frostbite and snow blindness to name a few. Given the cold can be brittle and relentless, it can turn five minutes into five hours.

Rob Thomas tries to do what he can. However, it’s tough to watch her be in pain and stand by helpless. It’s as though he is going through it also. He has learned to keep his distance and leave her alone. When she is experiencing pain, so is he. It’s parallel ed by him being in the ice as well and then the sun.  As she starts to feel better, he can relax.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2009


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