Video Review: Diana Ross “Work That Body”

On a stage, with Diana Ross moves her arms back and forth in a violet leotard. The screen behind her shows her face. Her face disappears and she continues to move her arms up and down.

She changes into a red leotard as she shakes her hips. Then it’s back to the violet leotard for moving her arms up and down, with a version of her to the left of the screen.

In the red leotard, she bends and then touches her butt. She turns to the face the audience again and leans her chest forward. She does small jumps and puts her hands through her hair.

Wearing a yellow leotard, she kicks her legs up. She jumps up and down in a black leotard. She puts her hand on her stomach and then grinds to the floor.

On the floor, she exhales as she lifts dumbbells over her head.  She stretches her back on one of the machines. She works on her legs on the leg press machine. She slowly lowers her arms as she holds the jump rope. In the blue leotard, she jump ropes in slow motion.

On the floor, she exhales as she stretches her arms on the floor and puts them over her head, wearing a black-and-white leotard. She bends her legs to her chest and then in front of her body and then finally over her head.

In an orange leotard, she sways her hair back and forth. She is shown briefly in different color leotards.

Back on the floor, she exhales as she puts her arms over her head.

Rating: 0/5

It’s best not to rely on the video to burn off the breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Maybe a muffin or a piece of toast with no butter. Diana Ross mostly prances and steps in place as the music instructs her to push harder.

For the first minute or two, the most important part of the workout is her ever-changing leotard. Fitness isn’t taken seriously until about halfway through the video when she is at the bench and on the machines. It’s as though it was added in as an afterthought and remembered at the last minute. The sole machine was the only one they had available to rent in time for the shoot.

Ross might as well be arriving to the gym in full makeup, a casual outfit of jeans and graphic t-shirt, her hair in a neat ponytail while she walks the treadmill in her stiletto heels. She can’t sweat through her Chanel.

Director: N/A Year: 1982



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