Video Review: Bon Jovi “Livin’ On A Prayer”

In black-and-white, Jon, Richie, David, Alex and Tico enter the stage for sound check. The stage lights go up. Meanwhile, the band members try to find their places. David adjusts his mike on the guitar. Jon asks people what still needs work. Someone fixes the microphone for Richie. Jon puts the microphone back on the stand.

A crew member helps Jon into the harness. He flies into the air, holding the microphone stand. The sparks go off on the stage. Sambora bops his head to the music. Jon practices the song. David drinks from a styrofoam cup and then sees the camera. He asks someone why they are being filmed. Richie kicks the air as he flies in the harness. Jon puts his hand on the video camera. As Richie, Jon, and David sing together at one mic, Riche puts his hand over Jon’s mouth.

Jon races up the platform and kicks his leg in the area where David sits. David pulls his leg away. Jon takes the microphone stand and carries it with him as he walks into the middle of the stage. He gestures to the camera man to follow him and he jumps back on the platform again.

As he performs, it turns color and fans are in the audience, cheering. Jon touches their hands and puts the microphone to the audience to let them sing. In the harness, Jon sails over the audience. A fan waves a handmade sign saying “Bon Jovi – Caution: Slippery When Wet.” Jon runs across the stage with the microphone stand. Another fan holds up the album. Sparks fly from the stage and Jon runs off.

Rating: 4/5

Part behind-the-scenes, part concert, the video offers some background about Bon Jovi, letting people to get to know the band members and to get the live experience. To separate the two halves, the behind-the-scenes is in black-and-white while the actual concert itself in color. During sound check, Richie mostly jokes around while David remains serious. Jon is a mixture of both personalities. However, Jon is inquisitive, asking about the microphone and inquiring about issues. As he practices at the microphone, he uses the stand as a prop and it becomes an extension of his body.

Once it turns color, the payoff from the hard work can be seen. Jon moves back and forth across the stage. He mostly works the crowd. Richie stays focused while David relaxes. Jon and Richie are seen flying in their harnesses, keeping their bodies straight.

The concert experience can be replicated, night after night. However, the behind-the-scenes is the most engaging aspect. The audience gets to view a bit of how a large scale production gets done while getting to know their favorite band.

Director: Wayne Isham Year: 1986


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