Video Review: Lady Gaga “Million Reasons”

In the desert, Lady Gaga lies back, her eyes closed. She opens her eyes and puts her hands to her temples. Three trucks arrive to where she is laying. She sits in the front seat of the one the cars, sunglasses on and shaking her head as they drive into the night.

They arrive at a studio and she puts on a pink jacket. She walks inside while two stylists carry clothes. She sits in her vanity, wearing a bathrobe. As she ties it tighter, color turns black-and-white.

On her vanity, she sees a box. She takes it and rests it on her knee. She slides off the ribbon. A hairdresser unties her bun. A makeup artists applies eyeshadow.

Back in color, she turns around in the chair, wearing a pink hat and pantsuit. The camera rolls to the stage. She sits on a bench, playing her guitar.

In black-and-white, she continues to get her makeup applied. She looks to he makeup artist as she switches back to color of her on the stage.

Back in the desert, her friends run out of their cars. They help her up from the ground. One friend hugs her as she cries.

At her vanity, in black-and-white, she opens the box. She reads the note: “love you sis” and picks up the cross necklace inside. A friend comes up behind her, putting their hand on her shoulder.

In the desert, her friend envelops her into a group hug.

On stage, she raises her finger, indicating one.

Rating: 3.5/5

The contrasting of colors is put to great use.  It begins in with the blazing sun of the desert, beating down on Lady Gaga and then moves to the chilly night drive to the studio. There, the color changes, as though it was wiped away with a cloth.

When the color does return, it’s arresting. She turns around in the chair, in her pink outfit and it’s a stunning visual. The rosy pink is hopeful against the mediative Lady Gaga playing the guitar. The pink is able to balance out what could’ve been an ornate and self-indulgent moment.

Nonetheless, the video is guarded, leaving bits of the story out. She is picked up in the desert, heartbroken and alone. There is a glimpse of her quiet and thinking in the car as she gets driven to work. It leaves doubt that something more happened in between but is afraid to tell.

Directors: Ruth Hogben & Andrea Gelardin Year: 2016

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