Video Review: Florida Georgia Line “H.O.L.Y.”

The sun sets, leaving a honeyed glow across the The Twelve Apostles in Victoria, Australia. A chair sits in the middle of some faded weeds.

Lying on his back, Brian strums his guitar, wearing his cowboy hat.

A young woman sits on a chair, reading a note. Brian walks up the steep hill and then sits with Tyler on some rocks.

Tyler plays piano by the ocean.

A woman in a white dress, leaving footprints in the caramel coated sand.

The camera pans over the rock formations.

From underneath his cowboy hat, Brian unfolds a note and begins to read.

Tyler and Brian stand back to back in the field.

Under an Egyptian blue sky, the young woman pulls a strand of her hair back onto her ear and continues to walk along the copper sand. Tyler walks away from the piano and looks at the view instead.

The young woman walks towards the chair.

Rating: 3/5

With Florida Georgia Line, the Twelve Apostles is an introspective place to hear own’s thoughts and gain perspective. Love may be but there is hope to learn from the mistake.

The Twelve Apostles is given an expansive treatment, going outside the railings and walking trails, allowing  people to fully view the limestock stacks that nature created. It may not be a well-known place but after the viewing the video, it may be added to some bucket lists.

As gorgeous as the video is, it seems superficial as Florida Georgia Line sit on the rock and play music. Brian lazes around, thinking. Tyler, though, is the one who seems to be getting the most out of the experience, writing a song on the cliff. When the two stand back to back, it becomes hostile and competitive in an otherwise peaceful video. Off to the other side of the park, a young woman walks and somehow, she seems to be connected to Brian. Other than a note, not much is explained.

Director: TK McKamy Year: 2016

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