Video Review: Nikki Williams “Glowing”

A recreational video (RV) drives through Los Angeles. Meanwhile, at a carnival, a juggler tosses bowling pins in the air to entertain the nighttime crowd. People jump up and down, dancing to the music.

In the RV, she sits in the ivory seat, singing as her friend shakes out her behind her. Her friend then kisses her on the neck.  Sometime during the ride, she and her best friend wrestle on the couch. She sits by the kitchen table, playing with her hair. Some of her other friends sit on whatever surface they can find. They hang their bodies out the window.

At the carnival, she plays with a sparkler and holds her friend’s hand, leading her to the dance area. She and her friends stand in the front of the concert area. The screen shakes with the beat, the lights getting bright and then returning to normal.

Someone performs a flip as painted clouds fill the night sky. Driving in downtown Los Angeles, she stands up on the passenger’s side and puts her hands in the air as she enjoys the cool breeze of the evening air. Her friend parks and everyone climbs out of the vintage convertible.

At the club, she wears a fur, dancing to the music as the teal and sunny lasers light up over her. On stage, a woman, (who is nearly nude), dances. Giant, red crabs hang from the ceiling in the club.

She and her friends put their sparklers together to keep the flame going. They dance together at the club.

A hot air balloon is started up and people wave their glow sticks. She dances on stage with the flame throwers and then moshes into the crowd.

She looks back into the camera.

Rating: 4.5/5

What caused Nikki Williams to become a one-hit wonder?

The video has it all: colorful lighting, an exotic setting and an adventurous storyline done by a well-known director. Yet, nothing came of it. In this case, the business aspect overtakes it, raising questions into her sudden obscurity. With the video, it seemed as though the record company was behind her, had a marketing plan set up and then dropped it.

While road tripping, Nikki Williams and her friends travel in a RV. After driving in downtown Los Angeles, they find a carnival. The carnival itself is a split between Mardi Gras and a rave. Away from the rides, people dance by the DJ booth as painted strips of light flash in the sky. The lighting of the area radiates in lustrous neon, making an otherwise low-grade setting into an ethereal atmosphere.

After dancing at the carnival, they head to a club. The eccentric club has the usual lasers. However, a nearly nude woman dances on a platform, suggesting it’s elite and exclusive as large crabs hang from the ceiling. The large crabs seem ridiculous when written. However, they are few of them hanging, which means it doesn’t overwhelm. The camera stays on them, close in order to catch the details. The camera draws people’s eyes right to it.

“Glowing” is the rare occurrence where the one-hit wonder status is puzzling, given the the money poured into it and the charisma of the performer involved.

Director: Hype Williams Year: 2013

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