Video Review: Aminé “Caroline”

Aminé and his friend sit on a bench, waiting for their order from the Big Kahuna.

Then, he and his friends dance in the backseat of the car.

As they eat by the car outside the restaurant, Aminé dances. He wears a t-shirt with the Pulp Fiction movie poster on it.

Later, he sits on the sunroof as his friends touch his hands. His friend wrings his shirt and the words “hot hot hot” are animated above him.

While sitting in the backseat, he eats a banana and then asks why they are there. His friend responds “for decoration.”

He and his friends lie down on the grass. Round animated balls form his mouth when he exhales, imitating smoke.

His friend points to him as he sits on the sun roof and question marks are animated by Aminé’s head.

At his friend’s house, he sits on the couch and dances while both of his friends play video games. A basket of bananas is on the table. Everyone pauses and stays still. Except for the guy on the couch. He blinks.

Aminé’s logo is seen.

Rating: 0/5


Rap has often commented on pop culture, naming celebrities (Pitbull’s “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan”) and brands (Jay Z’s “Cruisin’ down 8th Street in an off white Lexus”), influencing the mainstream as to who’s hot at the moment.

Aminé is following the trends, trying to keep up on what’s currently cool. He has a split second Mannequin Challenge (which fails due to the one friend taking his time staying still and then blinking), He also uses animation and a random food item, which is supposed to be a euphemism and copies D.R.A.M.’s “Broccoli.”

While the pop culture references themselves remain in the background, he capitalizes on the most general one, which is the “gory like a Tarantino movie” and builds the video around it. However, it’s specified to Pulp Fiction. Pulp Fiction is the obvious choice and it’s limiting. There are many Quentin Tarantino movies and obscurity would’ve been to his benefit. Hanging outside the Big Kahuna, wearing a Pulp Fiction t-shirt is touristy fanboy behavior.

Director: Adam Daniel  Year: 2016

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