Video Review: Robin Schulz & J.U.D.G.E. “Show Me Love”

At the gym, a young man unlocks his locker and gets out his shoes. He jogs on the treadmill. After speeding it up, he trips and falls onto the ground. A young woman runs over to him and checks to see if he’s okay. They lock eyes and she instinctively puts her hand on his knee.

Over lunch, they have talk and get to know each other on their first date. They run through the park, holding. He accidentally bumps her in the face. He trips on the pavement while they take a walk and then hits his head on a tree branch.

At dinner, they toast and her glass of wine spills on the table. As they talk in a parking garage, a truck backs out, knocking him into her, causing their groceries to fall. She falls down a flight of stairs.

As they kiss on the bench, it collapses. At home, they make love. The books on the shelf over the bed begin to rattle. As he sees them coming towards his face, his eyes bug out. They share a bag of peas to put over their bruised faces. However, the bag breaks open as he takes it from her.

Given their tendency for accidents, they are cautious at the cross walk. As they dance to music in their apartment, part of the ceiling falls on her head. He asks her if he’s okay and then offers her a biking helmet. She yells at him to stop and then proceeds to blame him. He says he was only trying to help and then leaves. She cries by the door. He realizes it’s over.

A little over a month later, he rolls out of bed, a crumpled bag of chips beside him. He goes to lunch with a friend. However, he’s broken and can’t talk without wanting to burst into tears. He spots her a few tables over and she stands up. His friend warns him. But he stands up also.

A gust of wind tears through the area and time seems to have been paused. They walk over to one another. She holds onto to her coat. In between, two people smash into each other. A fork stabs him in the leg. People run from the restaurant. They reach for each other and when their hands meet, he pulls her to him and they kiss. The storm ends.

Hiding underneath a table, a second young man holds up his torn umbrella and looks around. He checks his watch and notices time has returned to normal.He leaves.

Rating: 5/5

The quality that makes a person fall in love with another often is the source of their frustration after a period of time together.

For the young woman, she began to resent his clumsiness and grew tired of having things go wrong. It seems as though they couldn’t have ever a peaceful evening together. Something breaks or someone gets hurt. It’s as though she’s cheating death every time she’s with him. He takes it in stride, knowing it’s a part of life and tries to find a solution.

The young woman’s point of view is understandable. After nearly getting hit by a car and then falling down a flight of stairs, she has learned not to take chances. She’d rather they would hang out at home. However, the ceiling breaks and she can’t take it anymore. She has reached her limit.

Life throws curveballs all the time. Using the accidents, the video externalizes the couple’s approach to dealing with issues. He’s hopeful and has faith, his optimism unwavering. However, she’s somewhere in the middle but once something life-threatening does happen (like falling down the stairs), she needs a breather and wants to experience a moment which doesn’t involve a medical or construction bill afterwards.

Director: Zak Stoltz Year: 2015

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