Video Review: Paula Abdul & The Wild Pair “Opposites Attract”

The animated MC Skat Cat (The Wild Pair) is sprawled out on rooftop. He pulls out his sunglasses and raises his eyebrows. A spotlight shines on a poster of MC Skat Cat.

Against a navy blue background, Paula Abdul gives a coy grin and turns her head. An animated mouse peeks out of a garbage can. MC Skat Cat jumps off the rooftop and onto the ground. He dances around the graffitied alley.

On a couch, two animated cats relax and stretch. MC Skat Cat does the Running Man and then pretends to drive a car.

She meets MC Skat Cat by the door and he puts his paw on her shoulder. She hits his thumb and it throbs. She closes the door behind her, upset at his behavior. Back on the couch, another animated cat shoves the others out of the way.

Animated neon pink and yellow music notes come out from the speaker on the boombox. He and Abdul dance on a row of garbage cans. She pulls him by the tail, spinning him around.

The mouse sees MC Skat Cat’s foot ready to trample him and scurries away.

Back in the alley, she waits for him to tease her. He puts his tail around her waist and then leaps on her as she’s sitting on the couch. She takes the cigarette out his mouth and he pins her down on the couch, putting his cheek against her. She wrings his neck.

She and MC Skat Car dance up an animated outline of stairs, which leads to a clock. He slinks down them, stomach first and blows her a kiss. She touches the kiss on her cheek.

After tripping near the clock, she lands on the rooftop. There, she and MC Skat Cat perform another dance routine. MC Skat Cat steps on his two friends, making them dizzy and rubs Abdul’s hair. The mouse follows along with the routine.

MC Skat Cat lands in his tap shoes, which tie by themselves. Yellows stars form from Abdul’s tap shoes as they perform the choreography. MC Skat Cat walks on his tip toes and giggles. The mouse pulls down the screen as Abdul and MC Skat Cat walk hand in hand.

Rating: 4/5

MC Skat Cat, macho and flirtatious, seems to be a rejected character from 1988’s  Oliver and Company. It’s as though he was meant to teach Oliver how to charm humans into giving him food but deemed an inappropriate character.

MC Skat Cat does push into adult boundaries with his smoking and pinning Abdul on the couch, initiating physical contact. It’s only a cuddle he desires but his aggression and primitive grin suggest otherwise. From a child’s point of view, he’s mischievous and likes to tease Abdul. An adult may view his gruff demeanor as being contemptible.

The skilled choreography, particularly the tap dancing, is top notch, given the technology available at the time. The animators made MC Skat Cat’s moves intuitive to Abdul’s and together, they are a consistent team.

Directors: Candace Reckinger & Michael Patterson Year: 1989


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