Video Review: Bananarama “Robert De Niro’s Waiting”

On a glass table, a man picks up his watch and takes his tie off a bust. He puts on his ring and shoes. As he drives down the street, he spots Siobhan walking on the sidewalk by herself. He calls out to her, saying “Ciao bella!” She continues walking, ignoring him. She tells him to stop.

In theater, Keren, Sara and Siobhan are watching it onscreen.

The man sits down with another man on the bench. Keren, Sara and Siobhan sit in the backseat of the man’s convertible.

The man drives, his windshield wipers cleaning the rain off his window.

On the couch, the girls watch him, the television screen getting fuzzy at certain parts.

A man frisks the first man featured in the opening. They embrace twice. A third man punches the screen, breaking the glass on the television. The couch tips over as the girls fall.

The girls sing by the blinds.

Chomping on popcorn, the girls watch it from the theater screen.

The shadow of the first man is seen as he strolls along the sidewalk. He is carrying a guitar case. Sara runs, looking behind her to see if he’s still there. The girls walk together in the apartment building. In the shadows, two men run. After hearing footsteps, they run into Sara’s apartment. Siobhan checks to see if anyone has seen them before going back inside.

The man walks into Siobhan’s apartment building and knocks on the door. Siobhan looks away from the screen and towards the door. She opens it slightly and the man opens the case, which has three pizzas inside. She laughs.

On the couch, the girls eat the pizza.

The man from Corleone Take Away Pizza walks out of the building.

Rating: 4.5/5

Young women have it instilled in them to not walk by themselves at night and be wary of strange men lurking around. They are told to keep their eyes everywhere as they get into their car, with the keys and phone already in hand.

Sara Dallin lives out the fear in the back of every woman’s mind: being approached by a men while alone. She tells him to go away but he continue to follow her. When she returns home, she asks Keren and Siobhan to stay with her. Any little noise freaks out Sara. She believes the man is still watching her.

Keren and Siobhan rent a movie with Sara to watch. But when the doorbell rings, Keren turns her head from the screen. She opens the door a crack and is relieved when it’s the pizza delivery man. She is finally able to relax and smile.

The pizza delivery man is a  welcome reprieve from the anxiety present in the video. The unease and defenseless hangs over the women, even when they are together. Keren and Siobhan are there to help Sara, knowing it could happen to them.

Thank you to ossome for the corrections.

Director: Duncan Gibbins Year: 1984


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One thought on “Video Review: Bananarama “Robert De Niro’s Waiting”

  1. I appreciate your review, but you messed up their names a couple of times:
    -it’s Siobhan on the sidewalk (ciao bella), not Keren.
    -it’s Siobhan again who checks if they’re followed into the apartment, not Sara (so I suspect it’s not Sara’s apartment either)
    -it’s Keren who opens the door to the pizza delivery guy, not Siobhan.

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