Video Review: Iggy Azalea & Jennifer Hudson “Trouble”

Iggy Azalea drives her boyfriend to the bank. Their conversation is subtitled on the screen. He says he needs money. She says she thought he didn’t have anything in his account. He explains that “it’s a loan.” She mutters, “what?” to herself. As he leaves, she throws her hand up and then gets out of the car.

While she leans against the car, customers run of the bank. Hearing the commotion, she turns around to see him put his hands up.

Jennifer Hudson, the police officer, keeps an eye on him while she drives to the station. Azalea visits him in prison. She sees male criminals sweet talking their girlfriend on the phone and touching the glass. One couple argues. Azalea sits down and winks at him. She puts her hand on the glass, with “Get Ready” written on the back of it. He nods and she blows him a kiss.

Security monitors Azalea and her boyfriend. As the female guards sip their soda, they see the other male criminals do push ups against their bed and work out in the gym. One security guard licks her lips when she sees Azalea’s boyfriend. Hudson gives them the side-eye for thinking he’s handsome.

The concrete is blown out in his cell. One guard fans herself. Hudson taps one of the guards on the shoulder and tells her to look as the he walks through the hole in the wall. She presses the button, and the siren begins to blare throughout the prison.

Azalea speeds down the highway with her boyfriend next to her. Women in the salon turn the heads to the television at the breaking news alert. It shows a black-and-white photo of the couple with the headline “Lovers Jailbreak.” Azalea drives past the beauty salon as the women continue to watch the car chase on television.

Hudson pulls up behind her, copying her hard right. Azalea is able to edge past Hudson. A woman in the beauty salon cheers. Azalea hits a fire hydrant and the woman gasps. She gets out of the car as her boyfriend puts his arms up, waiting to get arrested again.

Azalea and Hudson dance. She puts her arm around Hudson and smiles. Hudson grabs her arm and handcuffs her as Azalea says “WTF?” Hudson walks her to the backseat of the police car.

Rating: 1/5

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The outfits are as good as it gets. The redundant subtitled conversation seems to be there to cover Azalea’s awkward acting, which peaks when she pretends to hit her head on the steering wheels and bounces her head, keeping her arms frozen in place. Naive and simple, she believes she will get out of it by being friendly with the police officer.

Jennifer Hudson, though, isn’t given much to do other than to react to what’s going on. Her horror as the women admire the criminals could fill an essay, as it seems as though she’s about to lecture but decides it isn’t any use. Towards the end, she transitions to pop star as she waves her finger and shakes her hips. Her three-dimensional character is fully realized, overflowing with stories about nieces and working as a female police officer. She seems to have a lot to say.

The video confirms that Hudson’s career is out balance as she tries to build up her music career again but has to take lesser roles as a result, including a job as judge on The Voice UK.

Directors: Director X & Iggy Azalea Year: 2015

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