Video Review: David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack “Hey Mama”

In the desert, David Guetta walks through an arch with about dozen people. There, he finds a box. He begins pressing buttons and looks up to the sky.

Lighting strikes and storm clouds hover over the desert as Guetta and Bebe Rexha wait for something to happen. In the lightning, Nicki Minaj appears, her holographic image unable to become stabilized.

Underneath a large curtain, people emerge. They cover their eyes as they adjust to the sunlight. Guetta feels the ground.

Guetta and his troop take off on the beach in a bus and dune buggies. One person on top of the bus waves a flag.

The image shrinks into a television molded into the rock. A woman poses by it.

Underneath a shield of scarlet light, the people dance. Some women dance in bathtubs, which are standing up in the sand.

Another woman stands by the television, which changes it scenery from fire to the calming ocean. A couple kiss, with a lavender clouds showing on the screen.

Nicki Minaj now is lit with the scarlet light.

By a rock, people have raised flags and a gleaming multi-colored heart, which people dance through.

Sharks swim on the television. The people huddle together by the heart, which is shown on the screen.

Guetta looks out at the desert.

Rating: 2/5

The post-apocalyptic world finds Guetta searching for a treasure that will give the citizens of the desert hope. When he uses the device, Nicki Minaj appears, giving her message. Now knowing their future, they take off and begin to rebuild civilization again.

They start their own colony in the middle of the desert. For so long, they have traveled on an abandoned double-decker bus they found. They created their own flag and formed their own democracy. But they have known something more was at stake. With the battle over, the citizens can relax and they choose to celebrate by dancing.

However, it seems to take place from a world within a world. The television screen molded into the rock confuses the timeframe. It then becomes the next generation who is watching the footage recorded by their great-great grandparents, warning them of life before.

Their is no clear-cut story, other than it’s what the viewer wants it to be. However, immediate comparisons to it being a sprightly 1979’s Mad Max wouldn’t be too out of reach. While it’s a stirring premise, it relies too much on the viewer to create the story and try to fill in the plot themselves.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2015

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