Video Review: Hole “Malibu”

An aerial view of the homes in the Malibu, California can be seen.  Outside a mobile home, laundry hangs on near a door while another mobile has a surfboard resting against it.The surf reaches the shore. The trinkets in the window face inside the home.

On top of a pick-up truck, Courtney Love plays the guitar with a cardboard sparkling city setting behind her.

The band walks down the beach.

Love wanders outside and touches the string of her clothesline. Fire and smoke billows from the trailer park as the band plays.

Back on the beach, she walks past dozens of regular people.

The cardboard city setting is set on fire and it collapses onto the ground.

She sits by the door of her trailer park, drinking.

A wrecking ball smashes into a billboard. Eric Erlandson works on his surfboard and then walks to the shore. Love raises her hands as the band walks the beach and the palm trees light on fire. Melissa Auf de Maur stands on a rock by the ocean.

Behind the band, the car explodes.

About twenty women in cherry red bathing suits (similar to the ones worn on the television show Baywatch) walk on the beach, carrying infant dolls. Love walks in the center of the them and to the shore. She lets the waves hit her body.

Rating: 4/5

In Malibu, nothing is as it seems. An aerial view of a wealthy suburb is a pristine landscape with a relaxing ocean bordering it. High-end malls are located further into the city where one might run into a celebrity or two.

However, as Courtney Love shows, some people are cash poor, putting on the appearance of being rich, while not being able to afford living there. The pressure to be successful, pretty and famous is entrenched in the community, which is something not everyone can gain.

With fires spread throughout, the band wants to cut through the stereotype and remake the city into its true image. Despite the constant sun, there is a self-destructive mood that obscures it in the right light. She wants to cleanse herself from the panic and terror of considered being shunned from the citizens of the city if she doesn’t reach expectations. Maybe the young starlets waiting in line, watching her will see what she has gone through and find another occupation. However, every day another couple arrive and the cycle begins again.

Love wants out but doesn’t know how to escape.

Director: Paul Hunter Year: 1998

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