Video Review: Echosmith “Bright”

In their studio space, which is near their backyard, Echosmith rehearse the song. In her individual shot, Sydney sings against the charcoal wall.

The guys start putting water bottles and getting sleeping bags. Noah puts his bag over his shoulder. Noah pretends to take picture of Sydney with his camera and she laughs. Noah gets the telescope before they leave.

Their friends meet them at their house. Sydney hugs her best friend. Everyone puts their camping gear in the back of the truck. Sydney drives and Noah looks out the window.

Their friends (a couple) wait for them by the camp site. After getting off the expressway and finding the park, Sydney sees their friends wave to them. They unpack the truck and hike through the woods. In between, they play for their friends.

While they hike, Noah uses the telescope like a huge microscope.

By the tents, everyone sits in a circle and the band plays. A friend lays out his blanket. Another friend sits next to another friend on their blanket. Two others read maps. Walking in a straight line at night, they point their flashlights and find a spot. There, they watch as meteors dash through the sky.

The song’s title becomes a constellation.

Rating: 5/5

Space, in the video, is far-reaching and open. Their rehearsal space has an arch and worn brick, resembling the features of a castle. A vintage multi-colored star seems  pocket-sized to the height of the walls. Trees line the backyard, which seems endless. It has a classic and dignified look, with some bohemian decoration to individualize it.

For the camping trip, the day begins near the entrance of the park, where their friends wait. Later, they venture through the woods, hiking a steep and lengthy trail which takes them up and down the mountain to finally, to the top of the rock, where they watch the sky.

With the emphasis on space, possibilities are infinite. Their creative space allows them to work out the notes, banging them out if they have to in order to get it right. They bring in their sleeping bags and rest there if they needed. It is a place for them to be secure and free. While hiking, they can discover new things about their friends as they bond and see the world with a fresh set of eyes.

Director: Declan Whitebloom Year: 2015

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