Video Review: La Roux “Quicksand”

From a rose tinged sunset with highlighted with sherbet orange, the camera zooms in on the lower part of Elly Jackson’s face, emphasizing her lips. She puts her hand by her neck.

She lies down in the ocean as the sunset, the sun sets behind near her arm. It also rises not long after.

Against a sunny yellow sky blended with orange, she stands. the wind blowing her hair. Later, she is from  distance to it, as the bubbles in the ocean can be seen.

With a parrot on her left shoulder, she turns away from the rainbow and glances back at the camera.

Under fiery orange clouds, she sings.

A miniature woman does a flip on her leg.

Jackson becomes a blur of pink and scarlet.

A woman, in silhouette, dances, against the sunlight in a rounded cave.

Jackson takes a sip from a giant margarita and then puts her hand on a humongous pineapple.

She opens her eyes while lying on a blanket, waking up on the multi-colored, shimmering beach.

The miniature, performing a split, slides down her leg as a man sits on her shoulder.

Through the orange, her eyes pop out into the sky as two versions of herself border it from the left to right.

Smoky black clouds and lighting behind her as she sings.

She sits on the giant margarita glass and then puts on a pair of glasses.

The woman dances past a giant banana split. The parrot is now as big as the screen and the woman performs a handstand. A clear blanket flies over the woman, intertwining itself with the golden yellow and orange. The woman then dances against a primal pattern. Jackson’s face is painted to resemble of a tiger’s.

Rating: 3/5

The odd visual of a woman dancing past a banana split provoke thought of what the abstract image may mean. Women often measure the food they eat and a banana split is considered an indulgence for many. The woman simply performs as though the food doesn’t exist.

As Elly Jackson sits on the margarita glass, one possible interpretation could be that alcohol is the one liquid sustaining her at the moment. When she stands against the inky sunset.

While there is ambiguity to the images, they seem to be fit together as a larger whole. Sometimes by metaphor (the woman performing handstands on Jackson’s body) and literal means (Jackson sitting on the margarita glass).

Jackson has low self-worth, wondering why she isn’t considered as pretty as the other young woman her age. They seem carefree and cavalier towards life while she lives in the sunsets, waiting to be seen. Nonetheless, it’s changing her into an aggressive woman who won’t stand to be taken for granted.

Director: Kinga Burza Year: 2009


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