Video Review: Jessie J & 2 Chainz “Burnin’ Up”

Against a midnight blue background, Jessie J stands in the center, wearing a black leather cat suit with some dancers behind her. They perform a routine.

Sparkling emerald water is behind her as she plays with her hair and runs her hand down her face.

With flashing lights and some steam, a man presses his chest against a shower door. As the water drops on his body, he flexes his muscles.

On the patio, she stands between two shirtless men in a white one-piece bikini and dances. The men pose as though were statues.  The women dance.

On a float, she wears a gold bikini and her image multiplies in the crystallized pool.

She runs her hand down a man’s back. The man kisses her neck. She licks his ear.

On the patio chair, she turns on the Beats by Dre. Then, it shows 2 Chainz against a tiffany blue lined background rapping with two women dancing next to him.

Against the midnight blue background, she places her hands on her hips as the dancers arch their backs to the right.

Rating: 1/5

Race is an issue. However, it’s done in a tone deaf manner. Black men, in particular, are put on display in the video. Their muscled chests and backs are featured more than their faces. For Jessie J, the black man is a status symbol of her progressive thinking. Somehow, she believes she’s rebelling and breaking society’s rules.

But this isn’t the 1990s anymore. There is no reason for her to flaunt her love of dating black men as something to be shocking. It’s as though she has given in to the pearl-clutching and has to begun to emerge out her sheltered life.

It is unsettling to see black men treated as property with a white woman at the center of it. In context, it alludes to superiority, with one minority exerting their power over another with race as the deciding factor.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2014

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