Video Review: Kaleo “Way Down We Go”

Lit by rusted orange, JJ sits at the piano and plays, a painting of a woman behind him. The color changes to black-and-white as the reel reverses itself.

The band joins him as he sings by the painting. The colors rotate from black-and-white, the rusted orange, cyan, and tangerine. The black-and-white becomes the transition color, used in between the others.

The painting becomes filled in with dried, worn out yellow and blue. Long multi-colored lines emit her eyes like lasers, aimed at the drummer.

The colors begin to rotate again but with emphasis on the rusted orange.

The painting becomes grainy as the eyes of the woman are given a bohemian edge.

A crimson red is added into the rotation as the band plays. Meanwhile, the woman’s eyes streak stronger multi-colored lines.

JJ plays at the piano again, lit by the rusted orange.

Rating: 4.5/5

An otherwise flat performance video becomes bold and energetic with subdued colors. By using shadowy shades, it heightens the gravity of the lyrics. When the crimson red appears, it sets off a self-destructive turn in the mood.

The painting in the background is used to its full effect. Each time the color changes, the woman’s expression has a different context. In black-and-white, it’s confessional, purging all its sins. In orange, its uninhibited nature is set free while the cyan allows for a femininity glow.

It’s JJ’s poignant vocals which grounds it all, providing a response to the painting as its mood changes and giving the emotional power to the colors. His voice punctuates the action.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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