Video Review: Fitz & The Tantrums “HandClap”

On a white plastic hand, men wearing blue scrubs with an attached hoodie and a white t-shirt underneath and white gloves, stand with their hands folded by their stomach. Michael appears in the center, his eyes closed. The men begin to clap, moving their bodies from left to right. Michael, on the other hand, is taps his hands together in a polite manner.

The men perform their routine as Michael stays in the center, glancing at them so often and tries to stay out of the way.

Two hands are on both sides of the stage and the band is in the center, their hands folded by their stomach. Behind them, the men put their arms over their shoulders and clap over their heads.

It returns back to the first stage and it then switches to Michael and Noelle alone. Noelle waves her finger, dips her hips and gets close to Michael.

On a white stage, men in coordinated hazmat suits move their arms. Noelle isn’t sure what to do and decides to keep her arms close to her. Michael and Noelle put their arms out and the men take off in the opposite direction.

Back to the first stage, the men dance again with dotted multi-colored spiral turning behind them. Noelle and Michael soon join them.

It changes to the men in the white hazmat suits with only Michael providing a small kick or two to the routine.

On the first stage, one of the men turns his body into a chair shape and Noelle leans on him, waving her finger again. It then returns to the second stage where the rest of the stands with their hands folded and the men clap over their heads.

On the white stage, the men jog in slow motion, their bodies blurring.

On all the stages, a pattern of pink marks, x’s and o’s and blue triangles fill in the background behind them.

A convertible is added onto the white stage. Noelle dances from the passenger seat. As the men finish the last steps of their routine, Michael and Noelle stand back to back against each other, their arms folded across their chest. They clap one more time and the blue triangles appear in the background again.

Rating: 0/5

The dancing doctors have seemed to have banded together to encourage Michael to move. Given their uniforms and Michael’s lack of interest, it’s as though they are using a creative way to prep him for rehab. It only draws attention to his sluggish movements, causing him to seem ill.

The men, in hazmat suits, with their movements, seemed to have inhaled whatever nuclear fluid from whatever impending disaster they are trying to avoid. Michael seems to be the bitter supervisor and Noelle, his bootlicking assistant.

Noelle, though, is the bright spot in the video. She’s active and comfortable with the dancing as she does the work of two people. She plasters on the plastic smile full of delight at the end, even though it seems as though she wants to roll her eyes and rant about double standards.

Director: N/A  Year: 2016

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