Video Review: Little Mix “Love Me Like You”

Inside a high school gym, a disco ball spins from the ceiling. Tables with white linens are spread throughout the floor. A microphone squeaks amid the chatter among the students. Under a glitter curtain with a sign stating the homecoming’s theme “Moonlight Under The Stars,” the principal states it’s the final dance for the evening and asks for no canoodling. While waving his finger, he says he will keep his eyes on them.

By the refreshments table, a guy sits on a chair and picks his nose. Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade sit at their table, watching some of their classmates begin to dance.

Sitting on the bleachers, Jade thinks of the date she went on recently. He picked her up in his car. He held her hand as she got inside. Then, he cuddled close to her and put his arm around her. He gave her a corsage and she bats his eyes at him. She sniffs the flowers and they drive away from her home.

At the basketball court, Leigh-Anne was talking with some of her friends. She exclaimed “wow!” to them when she saw the same young man dunk the ball into the basket. He continues to gaze at her and then gives her a corsage. He takes her hand and she walks away with him.

At the table, Perrie puts her head into her hands. Jesy slumps in her chair. Leigh-Anne rests her arm on the table and puts her hand on her temple. Meanwhile, a couple pours liquor into the punch bowl.

While at the movies, Jesy eats popcorn while the same young man puts his arm around her. He shows her the corsage and her mouth forms an “O.” She tosses the popcorn and leaps into his lap.

Jesy sniffs the punch and purses her lips, disgusted by the smell.

Perrie bikes around the athletic field and watches the same young woman work out with barbells , shirtless. As he pours water over himself, she crashes her bike. He notices her and asks her if she’s okay. After helping her up, he hands her a corsage and puts it on her wrist.

The ladies sit on the bleachers, lonely. The door opens and the ladies turn their heads. It’s the young man who gave them their corsages. Jade can’t believe he’s there. Leigh-Anne fluffs her hair. Jesy restrains herself and Perrie smiles wide. A young woman follows after him and the ladies’ faces crumble. Perrie, Jesy and Leigh-Anne are outraged while Jade points her finger, waiting for an explanation.

They  examine each other’s corsages. Jesy wails. In the bathroom, they touch up their lipstick and then write out love in the mirrors.

The ladies dance with each other and some random guys, looking on at the young man twirling his date around. Perrie keeps her chin held high as she tries not to burst into tears. Jesy is judging every dance move the young woman makes.

On the floor, people begin to break dance.

They end the night back at the table.

Rating: 5/5

Homecomings and proms are when high school memories are made. However, the night doesn’t goes as well as the ladies of Little Mix had hoped. The young man who asked them out dumps them right at the dance, humiliating them all.

The ladies mope at their table, wondering what they lack and why they weren’t chosen. Jade is the one who seems to be hit the hardest by it while Perrie wants to gorge herself with ice cream in her bedroom, sobbing to Céline  Dion.

In the video, the heartthrob is a manipulative liar, playing the girls against each other. He is the arrogant young man who knows he’s gorgeous and it allows him to do whatever he wants. Rejecting one girl isn’t a problem considering his options are limitless.

The ladies’ shame is inherent, reaching deep into high school memories the audience may prefer to have forgotten or hope doesn’t ever happen to them. However, such moments are part of high school.

Ten years later, though, as the ladies are chatting about their lives while having their monthly dinner, one of them will ask “whatever happened to the young man who ditched us?” Then, they will click on his social media profile and find out that he lost his scholarship due to steroid use and coped with it by drinking, leading to several one-night stands and a couple of babies. Then, they all laugh and think “hey, if it weren’t for him, we would still be passing each other in the halls and not even know each other.”

Director: Sarah McColgan  Year: 2015


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