Video Review: Ella Henderson “Mirror Man”

On a stage are three vanity mirrors with a discarded chair.

Ella Henderson stands against a neutral ombre background of black, gray and white. Gritty tears streak from her eyes.

Against a Carolina blue background, her boyfriend stands, his skin leaving chalky stains on his shirt. He walks towards a mirror and then examines his features.

A panther walks, its body a heavy charcoal grey before turning into a man.

The sand picks up behind Henderson. Sparkly particles form around her eyes. Parts of her leather jacket start to evaporate.

A man, wearing a Native American headdress peeks out from its feathers. The panther walks as the man stands among storm clouds and hail. The panther growls and then becomes a copper mold of her boyfriend’s body. The man arches his back while flames burn in the corner.

The man spins in the air, Henderson turns into grey spiritual being, the dust forming a sheath around her as she becomes a Virgin Mary figure. The ground gives away, leaving two deep holes next to her.

The man calms down and Henderson returns to being human again.

The three vanities are shown one last time.

Rating: 1/5

The man, wearing the Native American headdress, has a troublesome presence as he perpetuates the stereotype of being one with nature. He is able to change the speed of the wind and temperature around. Snow turns into fire. With a twirl in the air, smoke fills the room and Henderson becomes a spiritual figure. The implication that the Native American is questionable on its own. However, having him change her into a known religious figure is superiority at its worst.

The lack of forethought hinders the video as it depends on common views of Native Americans to carry the story along. With shapeshifting being an element of sci-fi, there isn’t any need for it. It’s a generous genre, providing room for its own set of rules.It could’ve happened on its own, based on Henderson and boyfriend’s inner beauty, which would make it an updated take on Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. The mirror itself could’ve had magical qualities, becoming a modern fairytale.

With the lack of an original idea or a cursory thought to the theme, the stereotype spoils the story in a way, rotting it with its ignorance.

Director: Collin Tilley Year: 2015

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