Video Review: Ashanti “Foolish”

While on the lookout in the car, Jimmy (Irv Gotti) says he has a favor to ask of Henry (Terrence Howard). He explains that he likes a girl but she prefers Latino men. Henry turns around and replies “no.”

Henry tips his driver and leads Ashanti (Karen) by the arm into a nightclub. He gives her a tour of the kitchen. After the tour, the host snaps his fingers for a server to bring out a table. Two men raise their glasses to Henry and Karen. Karen asks Henry what he does for a living. He straightens his tie and answers “construction.”

A year later, they get married. She kisses him goodbye as he leaves for work. She gestures for a stack of money. He holds his jacket over his waist and picks out a stack of her. She gives him a hug.

During an argument, Karen tosses Henry’s keys out the living room window. She calls him a liar and a cheat. He throws the lamp at her.

Henry and his associates congratulate themselves as they look at open suitcases of money. Meanwhile, Karen sits on her parents’ couch.  She hears the door knocking and runs to it. Her mother grabs the door, holding it back. Standing on the doorstep is Henry, wiping his eye. Her mother demands an explanation of his whereabouts. He turns right back around, laughing as Karen screams “Ma!”

At the night club, he dates another woman (Althea). Meanwhile, Karen mopes on the couch, her friends (Charli Baltimore and Vita), offering their support. With her friends, she follows her husband back to the other woman’s home. She tries to get the door open but her Vita restrains her.

She confronts the woman through her intercom, screaming at her. Althea covers her ears and keeps her head down. Back at home, she watches her husband sleep and thinks of when they first met. She shakes her head and then climbs on top on him. He mouths back “I love you” to her. She gets off of him and he leaves the room, telling her to fuck off.

Henry goes to Jimmy’s house. There, Paulie (Ja Rule) tells him he has to go home. Karen looks out the window, taking in her final view of her life and begins to pack. She opens the front door to leave and Henry is there, his head down in shame. She drops her suitcase and hugs him. He takes her suitcase and enters their home again.

Rating: 5/5

Henry Hill is an iconic mobster who has been immortalized by Martin Scorcese’s 1990 film “GoodFellas.” The movie itself has received accolades and considered one of the greatest movies of all time. It is a movie that will begin cinematic dreams and a love of story.

To even have a video inspired by the movie is heady task. Instead, Irv Gotti offers an alternate take. Terrence Howard’s aggressive version of Henry is dangerous and sly. At home, he lashes out and blatantly cheats on his wife. However, with his associates and girlfriend, his softer nature is seen. Ashanti’s Karen, though, may question the source of her boyfriend’s wealth at first. But once involved with him, she condones it and only seems to care when he’s cheating on her.

The video ends at right before the fall. Howard’s Henry seems to have an inkling of it while Ashanti’s Karen is glad to have the status quo back to normal. In Gotti’s version, Karen is as culpable and hardly blameless.

Under Gotti, the movie has been replicated but the characters are varied from the original. Henry’s violence festers and he takes it out on his wife. However, Karen is as threatening as her husband. At the other woman’s home, she scares her into staying upstairs in her room. The other woman believes she’s going to tear through the door. It doesn’t equal the original nor does it want to, but it gives a fresh perspective on the characters.

Director: Irv Gotti Year: 2002

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