Video Review: Danity Kane & Yung Joc “Show Stopper”

Diddy sits in the recording studio, bobbing his head to the music as Danity Kane waits to hear his feedback. He tells them they did a good job and he’ll see them at the studio again tomorrow. He instructs them to “go home and get some sleep” and “no hitting the clubs” as the group walk out of the door.

Dawn walks backstage. Aubrey says hello. Shannon applies lipstick. D. puts a necklace against her chest to see how it would look on her. Aubrey fixes her hair. Dawn puts on eyeshadow. Aundrea sneers at a pair of earrings.

The group takes the Chevrolet convertible out. Emblazoned on the hood is the group’s logo.

Aubrey, in her individual shot against a black background, wears an open tan-shirt with a fur collar.

Through a video camera lens, the group is filmed riding in the car. Aundrea shakes her body towards it.

Shannon checks out a guy driving the car on the right side of them. Aubrey puts her finger on her tongue. Aubrey points out who two other guys. They turn around, expressionless. Shannon smiles at them and they grin back in return.

The group passes a Sephora. A group of guys try to get their attention.

Aundrea, in her individual shot, wears a ginormous gold A necklace with a white bra top. In the backseat of the car, she and D. shows two fingers. Several guys wait for them to slow down and talk to them. When they drive off, they

Dawn, in her individual shot, puts her hand over her eyebrows. She’s wearing an emerald jumpsuit.

On the street, the group dances by a movie theater, which is showing Nacho Libre.  They are each wearing a variation of a black top and jeans. Shannon’s outfit is mainly suspenders against her breasts with some hot pants. At a certain point, it seems as though a nip slip occurs.

Lit in electric blue, the group hangs out a car show.

Aubrey shows off her gold Danity Kane rings.

At the car show, Shannon hugs a friend. They lean against some cars.

In the back of a car, Yung Joc raps.

The girls continue to drive, passing by a McDonald’s and then perform their routine in the street.

Rating: 1/5

Is there a sale going on Sephora this week? Nacho Libre is now considered a cult classic and had a 10th Anniversary showing, complete with a mask-making workshop. After reading such an adoring review, it’s put into consideration for my next bad movie night.

Between the continuous driving and preening, there is not much else to do in the video but look at the signs. Aubrey O’Day, with her cockiness and direct attitude, takes on the leadership role. Meanwhile, the rest of the group follows behind her, becoming indistinguishable. However, Dawn seems to be planning a coup to take over and rolling her eyes at Aubrey.

There seems to be two opposing views regarding the fashion. They are put in stylish outfits but they aren’t seen in full. The individual shots minimize it and sitting in the car limits it to the tops. It’s after the car show that any fashion is featured. During the dance routine in the street, the girls wear a variation of the same outfit. It is only then fashion is important, which seems to be the compromise between the director and costume designer.

Director: Jesse Terrero Year: 2006


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