Video Review: X Ambassadors “Renegades”

At a gym, a woman named Patina introduces herself and says she was born blind. She said she “wasn’t expected to do much.” However, she didn’t want to let her blindness stop her and instead tries to learn it in a new way. She explains she has someone show her the move first before she tries it.  A blind rides on a skateboard and is then asked what object is next to him. He believes it is a bench, which is correct.

About a dozen blind people hike up a mountain. A man without arms waits to wrestle with his opponent. The blind skateboarding man says “it’s not about enjoying it less, it’s enjoying it differently.” Meanwhile, another man, without arms, prepares to box.

Inside a living room, the band begins to play.

Sam Harris drives the band to their venue.

A man without arms or legs works out in the gym. Patina lifts weights and does chin-ups. The blind people continue to hike. They bike through the mountains.

At night, Sam Harris walks in the middle of the street, his hand in his pockets.

Rows of ranch houses are seen as a man without limbs crawls up a mountain.

Sam Harris parks outside the venue. Casey Harris gets out from the passenger, his cane in hand. Sam walks up behind him and puts his hand on his shoulder. Casey leads the way to the venue.

At the concert, fans cheer as Sam hits a note. A home video shows Casey as a child. Sam raises his saxophone in the air.

Rating: 5/5

Casey, like Patina and the other disabled people featured were told to lower their expectations and that their dreams were limited. However, they all are proving everyone wrong by achieving things no one thought would be possible.

Sam Harris believes in his brother. Together, they learned music and wanted to start a band. People likely thought it was a hobby and maybe it would be too hard on Casey. Determination and an iron will got them on national late night television shows performing their songs. They wouldn’t give up nor let Casey’s blindness deter them from trying.  Every “no” and condescending “so you think you can do it?” only made them worked harder.

Motivating and unapologetic, the people featured won’t let their disability define them nor they will wallow in self-pity.

Directors: ENDS & Alex Da Kid  Year: 2015

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