Video Review: Kylie Minogue “Love At First Sight”

Three dimensional diamond-shaped crystals sail in a cerulean sky. Below, Kylie Minogue stands on a charcoal gray platform with outlines the steps with white lines and adds a rectangular pattern to the wall. Once she hits the wall, the shapes shrink to where she is, following her until she reaches the bottom of the stairs.

She reaches the camera and dances in front of it as it displays a panoramic view. She passes another charcoal gray wall with a square towards the end. After a couple centimeters, a square pattern begins to form, creating skyscrapers behind her. Thin rectangles scan her body.

Next, she reaches a platform where dancers, dressed in mustard yellow and tomato red suits with a matching tomato red helmet perform. The camera pans down to her feet and she bends down, trying to get its attention again.

The camera begins the panomaric view to the left, which features the white outlines of steps with a wineglass centerpiece, where the a different group of dancers, wearing flame orange wigs, orange tops and blue pants continue to perform between the steps, turning them transculent. The dancers step closer to her and roll their shoulders as the camera moves back to the right. They stop at a wall and the dancers put their hands behind their back as they enter the door.

The camera moves to the left as the rectangles cascade down the charcoal gray wall, with select boxes filled in white. She passes by another set of mustard yellow and tomato red dancers, who dance behind a charcoal gray wall with skyscrapers built above it. Rectangle shapes cascade down the wall.

The camera pans down to her feet and onto the gray floor. When it emerges, four black shoes, belonging to the mustard yellow and tomato red  outfitted dancers. Behind them, performing their own routine are the previous dancers in orange and blue. She runs in front of them and joins in them in the routine, a night sky of crystals above her.

The camera pans to the sky, which is outlined with white lines and cross shaped stars, with disco ball shaped ornaments of planets circling.

The camera pans down again to the charcoal gray floor, taking her back to white outlined steps with the mustard yellow and tomato red outfitted dancers. After panning to the floor again, the dancers have moved closer to the camera and she is performing the routine with them with square boxes scanning her.

On the floor, round shaped roses appear. The camera moves to the left, showing dancers dressed in black and white, dancing within the outline of the steps. Against another wall, the black and white dancers perform with a baton. She passes by a third room with dancers dressed in all black. Squares scan her body again.

The camera pans to the cross shaped star sky.

Rating: 5/5

The camera is an active participant, giving a tour of the monochromatic world Kylie Minogue inhabits, along with mechanized dancers. It seems to act on its own, anticipating her movements.

With the precise geometric shapes, a technologically advanced society is created, divided by uniform. The universe has become dotted and symmetrical, with little left for margin of error. It is fully functioning, focused on high-powered humans melded to robot parts.

Despite the stringent lines, people are allowed to break through them and forge ahead. Progess is a must otherwise the world will stop working.

Technology, at times, seems to hinder, causing problems in vehicles and taking up time.     It’s an ideal world where technology and humans have become one, both reaching their highest potential. Without one working in their best interests, the other would fail, causing collapse.

Director: Johan Renck Year: 2002

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