Video Review: Robin Thicke & Nicki Minaj “Back Together”

At her home, Nicki Minaj grins as she talks to her lover on the phone.

In a king-size bed, Robin Thicke sits on the edge of it while his folds her legs over. Later in the afternoon, she puts on a robe and walks outside on the balcony. He stands by the railing while she sits in the chair, twirling her hair. They gaze at one another.

Below, he points to a friend of his swimming in the pool. A woman is sprawled out on a lounge chair while another woman loafs in a hot pink inner tube.

On the patio, he sits on a chair and talks with some friends while a woman dips her toes in the pool and another woman walks on the pavement holding an umbrella. He lifts his girlfriend off the ground. She laughs as her drink spills. Then, she tosses him into the pool. His friends chuckle and he decides to float. The woman in the hot pink inner tube pours some of her drink into his glass. He rests his drink on his chest and combs his hair.

They sit across from another on the outside couch. She touches his chin and he grins. They drive to her house. He stands against the abstract painting design and waits for her. He puts on a record and plays at the piano, with her filming it. Its filtered with a copper graininess.

She rests her head on his knee as she lies down on the couch. She puts her hand to his chin. They dance in the family room. Over dinner, they hold hands.

He visits with Minaj. She fluffs her hair as they sit on the couch. She shows him her butt and he turns away, not wanting to encourage it. She picks up her phone and begins to talk directly to him. He tells her she’s not interested and her eyes narrow. He reaches for her hand and she pulls it away.

He arrives to his party with a few friends. A server holds a tray of drinks. A band performs. The lead singer twirls and does the splits while he toasts with his friends. The lead singer beckons Thicke to come up and sing. He performs for his friends.

Rating: 1/5

Monogamy, like the mansion and vintage car, is a high-end product. To be in Robin Thicke’s presence is considered a privilege. The woman who is chosen spends her time at grand poolside parties with live entertainment. The duration is as for the season and when the leaves turn brown, he will be onto the next It Girl within the socialite community.

The party is similar to a business meeting. The people hang out and only acknowledge Thicke when he is thrown in the water. The women’s seething reactions are caught. When a friendly admirer pours some of her drink into his, the girlfriend begins to observe.

Despite the affection between them, there is an undertone that it is fleeting. He may be throwing the word love around and showing her off to his friends but he doesn’t mean much when his friends with benefits continues to call.

Director: Ben Mor Year: 2015

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