Video Review: Sheila E. “The Glamorous Life”

Filmed through an olive filter, three women dance along the city street. From a limousine, a woman looks out the window, wishing she was with them.

In the family room of a mansion, Sheila E. winks at the camera as she plays the drums. Her band stands next to her, jumping to the beat.

The car pulls up to the street. A young woman, in long fur, walks out. She comes across a woman sitting on the bench, her head down. She opens her purse and gives her some money. When her boyfriend gets out of the car, she leans against the door of the business. He opens her coat to her shoulders and then kisses her. He pulls her hair.

Sheila E. walks down the stairs.

She waits and then gasps when he puts his hand on her shoulder. She gives him a hug, placing her head on his shoulder.

Sheila E. kicks her drum, causing magenta sparkles to burst.

She and her boyfriend kiss on the sidewalk of Secret Street. The apartment burns inside as they both open the door.

The three women dance on the street again.

Rating: 4/5

The young woman exudes sophistication and confidence. She has a high-powered career as a lawyer, wears runway fashion and hangs out with celebrities. However, through the olive filter, there’s a detachment from it and a yearning to be like everyone else.

Her executive boyfriend has a masochistic streak and prefers things to be rough. She complies but there’s some hesitation before giving in to him. Nonetheless, their relationship will end in a few weeks and he will move onto her friend.

She misses shopping at the thrift stores for clothing and eating only pizza for a good part of the year. Seeing the women dancing home from their shift at performing at the local dive bar, wired and breathless, reminds her that the fur coat she’s wearing may have cost a fortune and impress her friends but it can’t fill a void.

Director: N/A Year: 1984


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