Video Review: Conrad Sewell “Hold Me Up”

In black-and-white, Conrad Sewell walks below the pier, the surf gracing his feet. In the city, there is mural of boombox painted on a building. Locals and tourists alike bike past the diner. On the beach, a man walks on the sand, holding his surfboard. Sewell skateboards on the boardwalk. He hangs out near the railing with a ferris wheel in the distance.

On the beach, he touches a string of his girlfriend’s hair and they touch foreheads. In the ocean, he puts his hat on her head and he hugs her. At the amusement park, they run past a Hello Kitty statue. Holding hands, they run down the hallway of the hotel.

They walk along each side of the train tracks. holding onto to each other. He cuddles next to her while driving. She takes off his sunglasses. She climbs over a chain-link fence and he catches her. They view a mural of Bob Marley and take pictures of each other by other street art. Later, they drink at the bar. She lies down on the pool table and he sits by her. Their memories rewind.

He walks the pier, his head down and hands in his pockets.

Outside a dining area, she climbs on top of him as he sits on a bench.

On the pier, he watches a seagull fly away.

They make out in his car and then ride the carousel.

He continues to walk the pier, holding his jacket and looks for her.

She eats a candied apple and plays with a toy he won her.

He skateboards away from the amusement park.

Rating: 1/5

The dour black-and-white wallows in self-pity and hangs onto a summer fling that has long been forgotten by the former significant other.

For Conrad Sewell, he believed he would their love would last. During their last date at the amusement park, she was all over him and they had a lot of fun. But he missed the signals – her laugh was bit too loud and the smile on her face didn’t reach her eyes. He walks the pier, embarrassed that he let himself think she loved him.

The two don’t share any chemistry at all. For him, it’s emotional and he is planning a future, thinking of how he would manage a long-distance relationship. His girlfriend, though, likes making out with him. However, there are a dozen of tourists like him every year.

Director: N/A Year: 2015

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