Video Review: Keri Hilson “Breaking Point”

Keri Hilson lies alone in her bed, sighing and looking to her boyfriend’s side. She wonders where he is right now. She grabs the pillow and then runs her hand on the sheet. She sits up on the bed and bites her lip to keep herself from crying. She puts her head into her hands, not liking the decision she has to make. She sits on the windowsill and looks outside.

A woman furiously texts her boyfriend and slams the phone on the table. Then, she sits on the couch.

Hilson goes to the closet and rips his jackets off the hangers. She throws the clothes on the floor.

At the hair salon, the stylist puts leopard print cape over Hilson. There, she cuts her hair short and dyes it blonde. She tells the stylist about her boyfriend and how she thinks he’s cheating. She nods in agreement. Two women under a dryer, their hair in curlers, discuss their men. Hilson, along with several other women, finish getting their hair done, take off their cape and check themselves out in the mirror. They drop their capes on the chairs.

Hilson gets her nails filed and listens to music on her Beats By Dre headphones. She sits on a counter while several women put dryer on their heads and cross their legs one by one.

Afterwards, they drink champagne and gossip about their lives over the counter.  They toast to freedom. Two women also toast on a porch. Some women pump their arms in the hair while another tearfully admits she has to dump her boyfriend.

Hilson walks home, a group of women following behind her.

Back at their apartment, she throws his clothes over the railing. The five women who live on the same floor come out on their balconies and throw their men’s clothes over it. They return back to their homes.

Rating: 4.5/5

Too often, women are often pitted against each other. When a man cheats, the girlfriend or wife often blames the other woman for the problems. With one apology, all is forgiven until it happens again.

Hilson bonds with other women over her relationship problems. First, she blames herself, believing she is too mousy for him. Then, she gets angry and decides to make a change. At the hair salon, she vents to her stylist. There, she gets a new attitude complete with a vibrant look.

She finds many women who have gone through a long-term relationship crumbling and scared about starting over. She toasts them for providing encouragement and listening to her.

Director: Bryan Barber Year: 2010

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