Video Review: 98º “The Hardest Thing”

In the boxing ring, Nick Lachey kneels down and puts his hand to his temple, pondering.

At the vanity inside a dressing room, a young woman with red hair looks at a picture of Lachey, tears in her eyes. She holds the picture to her heart and wipes the tears from her eyes.

The band performs outside a Las Vegas casino.

He spars by himself in the ring. In the corner, his trainer turns away his mistress (the young woman in red) who says she needs to speak to Lachey. Lachey continues to pound the speed bag.

Drew Lachey jump ropes as Nick lifts weights.

His mistress performs her show at one of casinos.

The group performs in the boxing ring.

In between breaks, he talks to the young woman with red hair by the ropes. He does sit-ups and talks with his coach.

She sits next down to him on the bench and removes the hood from his head. He winces and she gets upset at the bruises on his face. She puts his hand on his cheek, asking for him to talk to her but he moves his chin away.  They kiss.

Photographs are taken of him as he enters the ring.

As she passes through the control room backstage, she sees boxing match on the sound technician’s television.

Drew announces the match.

The young woman makes her way through the stadium. She watches as he hits his opponent with several punches.

After the first round, his trainer pours water on him and he sips from a water bottle. His trainer sponges the sweat off his chest and he spits out the water.

She finds herself at the front of the ring. Nick turns around and sees her. He closes his eyes and smiles.

Rating: 4/5

Nick Lachey, a well-known boxer in the video, is asked about his relationship with his long-time girlfriend in interviews. He repeats the script: she’s an inspiration and tolerates my injuries. However, along the Las Vegas Strip, there are whispers that he has a mistress and a reporter found out the information.

It puts him in a dicey situation: admit the affair and cause damage to his public image or dump the mistress to maintain the status quo. If it went public, it would end her career as a showgirl.

Their relationship, as scandalous as it may be, is supportive and meaningful. She visits him during practice and tends to his wounds. She worries about him getting hurt. He, on the other hand, tries to shield her from the extent of his injuries. He simply needs her to be there.

The Las Vegas setting heightens the drama going on behind closed doors, which is privy to the insiders who have to keep the secret. Both are involved in it and like the city, it’s expected and risky, but they both know the odds. Someone is going to lose.

Director: Wayne Isham  Year: 1999


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