Video Review: Calvin Harris & HAIM “Pray To God”

Danielle’s face is superimposed over blood red clouds. Doves fly right at her in both directions. Danielle, Alana and Este stand, their arms at their sides. They remain emotionless.

The setting falls down, leading to a wintry forest. There, they remain standing among the trees. A wolf walks through the snow. Snowflakes fall on the group. The wolf sniffs the snow, searching for food. Danielle sits in the snow petting a bunny, protecting it. The wolf sees her and Danielle returns its gaze. The wolf leaves and she continues to pet the bunny.

The wintry forest falls like a curtain and the season has changed to spring in the forest. An eagle watches them. Danielle faces off with a grizzly bear. The bear stands on its hind legs and roars. She walks away.

A lion sniffs where she was. She returns to the spot, where the lion is waiting. The eagle flies away from its branch.

Standing back to back to each other against a starry background, the group continues to sing. Rose petals fall.

A horse rises on its hind legs and neighs. All three members sit on horses with copper columns behind them.

All the landscapes are shown again.

Someone rides one of the horses amidst billowing smoke.

The group stares blankly in the spring version of the forest.

Rating: 0/5

The animals have far more complexities than all three HAIM members combined. The wolf is hungry but chooses to leave the bunny alone after Danielle calls him out with her disapproving glance. The bear, in turn, calls out Danielle on her bravado and wins (even though Danielle pretends it didn’t happen). Next, a lion defends the bear and sits, waiting for Danielle to challenge him. Danielle, as an Earth Mother, is rather judgemental and ignorant. She should review her basic science regarding the food chain. Her protecting one single bunny from a carnivore is short-term thinking.

Given that they show no expression, it puts it on the viewer to define who they are. They seem less like sisters and instead cobbled together by record executives as an attempt to reach the art fair market: Alana is the struggling pop singer who is looking for a comeback, Este is the model from a cancelled FreeForm show and Danielle is the moody writer prone to tantrums.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2015


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