Video Review: Drake “Started From The Bottom”

Two boys’ youth soccer teams play on Toronto’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation field. A boy in a red shirt exhales as he runs and then kicks the ball towards the net. The goalie for the blue team reaches for it but is unable to catch it.

During a snow storm, Drake rides in the backseat of a Bentley in an upscale Toronto neighborhood.

The red team cheers and carries the young boy who scored the winning goal.

At Shoppers Drug Mart, he pulls a cart with some cardboard boxes and stops to talk with some of his friends. His bearded friends stacks a shelf while another sits on the floor, reading a magazine. The manager comes up to them and they stop to listen.

A fiftysomething woman, wearing a knitted white coat, stands in her driveway with a disapproving look.

The manager hands him over a name tag stating “Drake, night manager.” Drake exclaims “Wow!” and shakes the manager’s hand. He promises to do his best. The manager knocks the magazine out of his bearded friends’ hands.

When the manager leaves, he shows off his name tag to his friends, who jump up and down at the news. They dance in the aisle.  His bearded friend combs the his beard as he says the song’s title. Meanwhile, his other friend is ringing up a customer at the register.

He stops when he sees a young woman set a handle bag on the counter. He exclaims “Oh my Bosh!” and eyes her breasts. She asks if the shampoo is on sale. He says maybe and then mentions something about medicated lip ointment. She looks at him, thinking “huh?” He compliments her and asks her out on a date. Disappointed in him for seeing her as an object, she says “thanks.”

The other friend hands him the telephone, telling him it’s his girlfriend and that she’s “super pregnant.” The other friend says she looks like his ex-girlfriend. Who just died. Last week. She buys it, putting her hand to heart and saying “awww.” He quickly says, she didn’t die and she drops her shoulders. He asks her out on a double date. She says “ok” and he tells her not to be shy.

Lit in an electric blue, Drake and his two friends dance in the store aisle as confetti falls to the floor.

At the bowling alley, Drake gets a strike while his friends dance around him. Later at a club, he hangs out in the center of an arch as people dressed in black attire dance to the side of him.

He walks on the billboard with the song’s title on it. Then, he sits on a plane, a drink in his hand with woman passed out across from him. In the front of the plane, he tries to push one of the buttons overhead but the pilot slaps his hand away. They fly over the CN Tower. 

He and his friends drive golf carts to the home where they will be staying. He smokes a cigar as he walks through the family room. On the bricked pavement, he sips his drink at takes in a view of the sunset. At night, he skates back on the beach with a skidoo.

At a party that night, he lights a cigarette. People talk and women dance, rubbing their butts against each other. One of his friends jumps into the pool, fully clothed. He follows and drains the water of his shoe back into the pool.

Back at the club, he dances in the center.

Rating: 2/5

With one promotion, Drake parties like a district manager in town for a store visit. His friends throw him a celebratory bowling party. At an exclusive club, he is decked in gold chains and considered a regular. He shares his wealth with his two friends at the store, buying them their own gold chains and expensive clothes. He has money for the first time in his wealth and he is going to spoil himself and whoever helped him get there.

It begins as an offbeat story with three friends working at a store. The over-the-top excitement at Drake’s new title is infectious as they perform silly dance moves. However, with great power comes great arrogance. The bearded friend merely sees women for the size of the breasts while his other friends manipulates them into dates. Meanwhile, Drake is spending his entire bank account, lavishing his friends with trips to his vacation home.

It’s not aspirational at all. Perhaps if he were seen performing battle raps at the clubs in between shifts at work. However, it’s simply foolish. It’s as though it hasn’t dawned on him that he hasn’t been crowned the position and he can be fired at anytime.

The aerial view of Toronto is adoring, though, thanking the city for its help and acceptance of him. It’s the most humble the video allows itself to be before it gets carried away again.

Directors: Director X & Drake  Year: 2013

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