Video Review: Imagine Dragons “I Bet My Life”

A Jeep drives through the desert. At the river, Daniel Platzman and a friend talk. They grin as their children play. A couple of people fish. Dan Reynolds throws a stone.

On the other side of the river, two young men fight. The first young man in a white t-shirt (Dane DeHaan) gets in several punches. The second young woman snarls. As they get closer to the water, the first young man holds the second young’s man head. The second young man runs out into the water where he is followed by the first young man. They continue to fight. The second young man punches the first young man into the water, causing him to float away.

The first young man gets sucked into a tunnel underwater and lands inside a home. He looks outside the bedroom and sees a large tree and an entire neighborhood. He moves the covers and falls asleep.

The morning sun awakes him  He looks around, realizing he is on a sailboat. He takes a moment to gather his bearings and then works on getting the boat moving on the water.  He glides across the river, gripping the rope. However, the waterfall in the distance is concerning him. He ties the rope to the anchor. He darts his head from left to right. Breathing hard, he sits on the back of the boat and prepares for the inevitable fall.

To his surprise, the boat takes flight. From the clouds, he looks to the city below. Mid-air, the boat tips over and he falls out.

At a high school, a crowd of students have gathered outside with their arms out. They catch him and he moshes through. Worry crosses his face when he realizes the length of the crowd.

The second young man pulls the first young man out of the water. The first young man coughs and swallows. With silent reassurance, the second young man hangs onto the first young man, who now looks at his once enemy with respect.

Rating: 5/5

As the first young man gradually lost consciousness, he fell asleep in his grandmother’s home and sailed on the river, as he often likes to do on the weekend. With each stage, he found some sort of peace. However, chaos would enter the situation, leaving him panicked. Each time, thinking it would be his final breath. Scared and alone, he fought against death as much as he could.

Once the second young man saw the first young man go underwater, he no longer cared about the argument. As upset as he was, he doesn’t want to see the second young man die. He couldn’t live with himself.

With death facing both of them, each young man has a choice on who they want to become as adults. They have experienced a shared epiphany, changing who they are as well as they view each other. The second young man has the first young man to thank for saving his life. The first young man realizes he is able to not give into his darkness.

Director: Jodeb Year: 2015

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